How Andre Paras handles 2 love team partners, movies & TV

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How Andre Paras handles 2 love team partners, movies & TV. — In the Philippines, most supporters of a love team are possessive.

Some don’t like it when one member of a love team is seen together with other people.

But it’s different with Andre Paras, the handsome son of Benjie Paras.

It’s unusual, but Andre Paras can juggle two love team partners with different roles. Beat that!

We can imagine how hard it is to adjust with two young ladies, with different personalities.

How can he even handle that?

In a PEP interview, according to Andre Paras, he likes it that there isn’t a single basher or hater on his love team with Yassi Pressman and with Barbie Forteza. - andre paras love team yassi pressman barbie forteza benjie paras kobe basketball college actor picture photo movies tv interview viral – How Andre Paras handles 2 love team partners, movies & TV

In movies Andre makes, he’s usually partnered with Yassi Pressman. She’s a Filipino-British actress, television personality, dancer, and singer.

While in TV series, Andre Paras is partnered with Barbie Forteza, a commercial model, and actress.

According to Andre Paras, he’s thankful for the respect people are showing for the path he’s taking.

The direction his career is going, only shows how versatile he is as an actor.

He’s someone who can actually make it in showbiz without relying on the popularity of his love team partners.

It isn’t easy to please the fans, but when you’re part of a love team and you can still be free to get different roles and be with different on-screen partners, that’s really something to be grateful for.

Andre is lucky to have such a flexible career.

Like his dad Benjie, he, too, has a place in comedy.

He’s got potential and we won’t be surprised if one day, he’ll be one of the biggest movie stars.

Hopefully, actors like Andre Paras gets the bigger attention they deserve. — This article was originally written by

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