[Viral] Maine Mendoza’s future in modeling revealed

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Maine Mendoza's future in modeling has been exposed. Read and find out.

Startattle.com — Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) has been wowing the AlDub nation with her beauty and wit.

This time, she posted another beautiful and alluring photo of her on Instagram.

As of this writing, she has only posted the picture 16 hours ago. It has gone viral and made fans go gaga.

Comments come in left and right. They absolutely adore how gorgeous Maine Mendoza is (aka Yaya Dub) on the picture.

Her fans gave the breathtaking picture their stamp of approval.

And so, on Instagram, it has gotten 119,000+ likes and 4,800+ comments, which are mostly positive.

Maine Mendoza captioned her new picture with:

Love love love this
Photo by @bjpascual
Styling by @rainierdagala
Makeup by @juansarte
Hair by @celestetuviera

— Nov 17, 2015


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Startattle.com – Maine Mendoza’s future in modeling has been exposed

Fans give all praises to the photographer BJ Pascual. They thank BJ Pascual for capturing one of Maine Mendoza’s best shots ever.

The picture really shows Maine Mendoza’s future in modeling. Her face is so fascinating, exotic and expressive.

She looks like an international star, which she already is.

Yaya Dub vs Lola Babah’s Cindy?

Cindy may have a title of a professional model, but according to the AlDub nation, Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) has always looked like a model even before she entered showbiz.

They say that’s how the two differ from each other.

Some fans are even guessing that Yaya Dub shared that hot picture on Instagram to prove that she can be a model, too.

Well, she actually can. We’ve written an article about it here on Startattle. Check it out:

The AlDub nation just wants to assure Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) not to worry about Cindy.

Alden Richards has been vocal about his love for Yaya Dub and fans believe him.

But we can’t blame Yaya Dub for doing what she can to fight for the man of her life, can we?

Anyway, she looks stunning on all her photos.

We won’t be surprised if one day, we’ll see her model on a runway. She really has it, don’t you think?

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