SexBomb Dancer ‘Sugar’ abused by husband and his family?

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SexBomb Dancer 'Sugar' abused by husband and his family? Sugar Mercado husband.

Former “SexBomb” dancer Sugar Mercado seeks court protection vs abusive husband.

Sugar Mercado, a former member of now-defunct SexBomb Dancers, has filed a criminal case for domestic violence against her estranged husband and his family. Gabriela announced this on November 6th via Twitter and on their website.

According to Sugar Mercado, her husband Kristoffer Jay Go, allegedly inflicted emotional and physical abuse repeatedly since 2010. She said that sometimes, even the husband’s family were involved during such incidents.

Because the husband constantly issued threats against her life and took away her custody of her children, Sugar has decided to file a case against him.

She had sought the help of Gabriela, the women’s rights group known for handling such cases. Gabriela is also one of the authors of Republic Act 9262, known as the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act.

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Sugar Mercado filed the criminal case against her husband for violation of RA 9262 at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court. She also filed an appeal for the court to issue a protection order for both herself and her kids.

Gabriela assured Sugar Mercado of their support for her case and also plans to provide her with counselling services.

The women’s rights group admire the fact that Sugar had the courage to come out in the open and seek assistance for her plight.

Gabriela Representative Emmi de Jesus said:

We hope that the legal process that Ms. Mercado chose to pursue results to a safer and more secure future for her and family. Every time an abused woman stands up, another is encouraged and inspired to do the same.

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