Top lessons all young actors can learn from Nora Aunor

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Top lessons all young actors can learn from Nora Aunor. — Nora Aunor (aka Ate Guy) is the Philippines’ one and only Superstar.

She’s also known these days as the darling of short films. She has done a lot already and even won many awards internationally. She truly is a gem in the Philippine showbiz industry.

She has gone through a lot of different experiences in showbiz. This makes her reliable when giving advice to new-comers or basically, all young actors in general.

With the boom of the AlDub love team, you can hardly process anymore, how far the stars of Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and Alden Richards have gone.

Nora Aunor has nothing but praises for the success of AlDub, especially for Alden Richards. - nora aunor gma primetime tv series show little nanay aldub love team guy pip tirso cruz interview picture pep advice lesson alden richards yaya dub maine mendoza success humble – Top lessons all young actors can learn from Nora Aunor

In 2014, Ate Guy worked together with Alden Richards, for the ‘Kinabukasan’ short film.

She admitted that when she was working with Alden, she has seen his potential. She knows Alden is a very good actor. Acting-wise, Alden knows what he’s doing.

But there’s only one advice Nora Aunor wants to give Alden and that is:

Sana po ay anuman yung mga nararanasan niya na gusto siya ng mga tao na huwag sanang… ang wish ko lang, huwag iaakyat… huwag ikakalaki ng ulo.

Pero alam ko naman na sa bait ni Alden, hindi mangyayari yun.

Nov 10, 2015

Her advice may seem as a cliche, but it always applies to any actor whose success takes off like a rocketship.

Nora Aunor is a veteran actress. She even experienced before, the height of AlDub’s career right now. Yep, that was during the ‘Guy and Pip’ love team.

According to Nora, it’s really important that no matter how popular you’ve become, you should know how to look back to where you once started. And also, that you remain grounded.

Her advice for Alden is simple, but priceless. It doesn’t only apply to Alden but to anyone in the show business as well.

The lesson here is to never let your success get into your head. That’s the secret to your career’s staying power.

Bonus: When asked if she wants to meet Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub), Nora Aunor replied, “Bakit hindi?” — This article was originally written by

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