[Viral] Yaya Dub caught kissing Alden behind camera

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[Viral] Yaya Dub caught kissing Alden off-cam.

Yaya Dub kisses Alden off-cam.

Around 9:00 PM on November 2nd, a picture of Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza kissing Alden Richards on the cheeks circulated on Instagram.

We aren’t sure on which Instagram account the picture first appeared. But this is the earliest and best uncropped version we can find.

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Image credit: aldubmayforever.mandaluyong

The intimate picture of Yaya Dub and Alden instantly became a viral as fans kept asking when and where it happened. Was it off-cam or what?

The picture shows Yaya Dub giving Alden Richards a buzz on his right cheek. Only half of Yaya Dub’s face can be seen.

Meanwhile, Alden had his lips pursed for the kiss. But like a beso-beso among friends, he is kissing nothing but air.

Was there something more to it than a kiss between friends?

Just look at the picture and judge for yourself. We are sure you will interpret the photo depending on what you want or wish to see. Was Yaya Dub kissing or whispering something private to Alden?

Judging from the clothes that Alden Richards and Yaya Dub were wearing on the picture, the beso-beso took place during the shooting of “My Bebe Love” movie, which is an entry for MMFF 2015.

Direk Joey Reyes posted on Instagram several photos of the phenomenal AlDub love team, wearing those same clothes on the film’s shooting last October 30th.

That was the first time that Yaya Dub and Alden Richards were together on the set.

Did the kissing or whispering happen off-cam? We think that’s a definite yes!

Direk Joey is on the right side of the picture, the one wearing glasses.

Unless the director made a cameo appearance on the film, we would say that it’s 99.9% off-cam.

Besides, Yaya Dub and Alden Richards were surrounded by about five crew members, aside from Direk Joey. No cameras were visible in the photo and only one klieg light can be seen in the background.

It’s really not that clear if Yaya Dub was kissing Alden on the cheek to say hello or to say goodbye. But what if she did it twice, and only one kiss was caught on camera?

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