[Viral] Yaya Dub Twitter hack, here’s what happened

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[Viral] Yaya Dub Twitter hack, here's what happened.

TRENDING: Yaya Dub’s Twitter account has been hacked!

The AlDub nation members were angry when the Twitter account of Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza was hacked by some group claiming to be Anonymous Philippines.

The hack started at 1:07 AM of November 3rd:

Sorry if napadaan kami sa account ni yaya dub, ibabalik din namin sa tunay na may-ari.

Their last tweet gave a facebook page which only a few clicked for fear that it may contain a virus, malware, etc.

At 2:55 AM, Twitter has responded by saying that the account of Yaya Dub has been locked down and someone internally is working on it.

A certain Timmy (@silentangelph) said this right after the hack.

thanks sa follow meng [Maine Mendoza]

That account was obviously owned by the hackers.

If one goes to that account, it has a lot of tweets which implies that it’s in fact the account involved in the hacking.

At 12:56 AM, before the first message posted on Yaya Dub’s account, Timmy already posted:

RIP meng HAHAHA. Makuha ka namin ulit bukas

Then Timmy tweeted:

Wow nag trend agad. #AldubTheVisitor shoutouts to all mah niggas

He or she probably thought the hashtag was about the hacking. But the hashtag was for the plot of the day for Kalyeserye.

Trying to add fuel to the fire, the hacker even tweeted:

Yung ABS-CBN talaga ang may pakana. HAHAHAHA

The Timmy account is connected to a facebook account with the logo of AnonPH in it.

A lot of accounts connected to AlDub or Kalyeserye have been compromised too, including those of Lola Nidora and Alden Richards.

Anonymous Philippines later issued an apology on their facebook page but AlDub fans didn’t believe that Anonymous Philippines is sincere with their apology.

The admin posted messages which bashed the AlDub fans, but later removed those messages from the page.

Too late, AlDub fans who never seem to sleep, have already captured those messages.

Wait may tanong ako sa mga Fans ni Maine or AlDub kumbaga, Ano ba napapala nyo dyan? Napapansin ba kayo isa-isa? Napaka concern nyo sa AlDub pero di nyo napapansin yung ginagawang katarantaduhan ng Gobyerno. T******a magsigising nga kayo. Inuna nyo pa yung AlDub nyo kesa sa kinabukasan ng Pinas. Ikakaunlad ba ng Pilipinas yang p*********g AlDub nyo?

Ginamit yon kasi nga nandun attention ng tao ngayon, Malamang easiest way talaga para mapansin. Hay nako. Kung ako lang nakapasok ng account nyan baka di ko na ibalik yang p***** i**** AlDub na yan e

— Anonymous Philippines


aldub yaya dub twitter account hack virus anonph anonymous philippines alden richards lola nidora march november cause viral trending visitor timmy hackers tweets facebook
Image credit: Zoen Renn facebook.com

A lot of AlDub fans said that if Anonymous Philippines asked support for their cause, they would have given it willingly.

But since they invaded the privacy of Yaya Dub and the rest of the Kalyeserye characters, they were turned off with the group.

Reading the tweets of AlDub fans, one message always comes out “the end does not justify the means”.

If attention is what Anonymous Philippines wanted, they got it by hacking Yaya Dub’s account.

But by doing so, what do you think they gained more? Haters or followers?

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