What is Ai-Ai’s role in Yaya Dub & Alden’s love story?

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What is Ai-Ai's role in Yaya Dub & Alden's love story?

Startattle.com — According to some members of the AlDub nation, one of Kalyerserye’s funniest episodes happened yesterday, November 12th.

Yep, everyone was shocked, surprised but exhilarated when a mysterious rich lady came out of an expensive vehicle outside of Eat Bualga studio.

The lady was wearing a Cher-like shocking gown, overpowered with a bunch of feathers everywhere. She absolutely looks so classy and well… a bit too much. Hahaha.

But we won’t really call the appearance “too much” if it’s none other than, Miss Ai-Ai de las Alas.

Just like what she does in Sunday Pinasaya, Ai-Ai wore a very intimidating outfit that just fits her role in Kalyeserye as Alden Richards’ “Lola Babah”. She’s also known as, “Babala.”

She introduced herself as “Doña Barbara Leticia Rockefeller viuda de Faulkerson”.

Startattle.com - ai ai de las alas aldub kalyeserye eat bulaga love team history alden richards yaya dub lola nidora babah babala comedy picture gown russian family real name faulkerson
Startattle.com – What is Ai-Ai de las Alas’ role in Yaya Dub & Alden’s love story?

Lola Babah is half Russian, half Serbian, half human, half waray.

And her fashion just speaks about her social status as a rich business mogul based in Russia. She’s got lots of jewelry stores, too, in Hong Kong, Milan, etc. Wew!

With the Philippine Queen of Comedy in Kalyeserye, the audience just went laughing and giggling all throughout Lola Babah’s scenes.

Lola Babah’s tactless behavior makes her able to directly talk and insult Lola Nidora, which not a lot of people can do. Simply because Lola Nidora is respectable and scary at the same time.

Vic Sotto even commented in the background that Lola Nidora has finally found her match.

Lola Babah’s punchlines are crazy, she herself couldn’t even help but burst with laughter with her own jokes.

There’s one punchline that Lola Babah was throwing at Allan K that kept the audience wild and jumpy.

She kept asking Allan K is he’s a human being. When Allan K replied, “Bakit?”, she would say, “Naniniguro lang!”

This new addition and twist to the Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and Alden Richards’ love story just makes the AlDub nation praise Eat Bulaga for listening to their suggestions.

Fans have been wondering why only Yaya Dub’s history is the focus of Kalyeserye. They cried out for Alden’s history to be tackled in the show as well.

And so, Ai-Ai’s “Lola Babah” role was born.

Yaya Dub and Alden’s romance is getting better and better every day. Fans applaud Eat Bulaga for being so innovative and creative.

This time, AlDub fans wish that Ai-Ai becomes a mainstay character in Kalyerserye. They want an amazing comedian from the Eat Bulaga studio to battle with the 3 Lolas.

If this ever happens, it would be so much fun.

Well, Ai-Ai is such a big star and her talent fee is expensive. Will Eat Bulaga ever decide to make Ai-Ai a regular cast in Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye, every day? Well, this needs crossing fingers, guys.

Just keep on suggesting to Eat Bulaga. We now know they actually listen. — This article was originally written by Startattle.com

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