What Kris Aquino did about the laglag-bala issue at NAIA

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What Kris Aquino did about the laglag-bala issue at NAIA.

Kris Aquino went to Mahalo, Hawaii, with her sons, Josh and Bimby, to take a break from all her work here in the Philippines.

In case you didn’t know, it became a trending topic when Kris almost had a stroke some time in August.

Kris Aquino has been vocal about what her doctor said. Her doctor advised her to rest and destress. That maybe the reason of her travel to Hawaii.

But after that vacation, when Kris and her family came back to the country, she was bombarded with tons of complaints on Instagram, about the “laglag-bala” issue.

The laglag-bala issue has been happening at the NAIA airport and scares not only Filipinos and OFWs, but tourists as well.

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It has been rumored that the NAIA guards themselves are the ones extorting from the passengers.

Anyway, people thought they could complain to Kris, being the President’s sister, and put an end to the laglag-bala issue.

She isn’t a polician but she listened to complaints before about the “Balikbayan box issue” last August 2015. People think she can directly talk again to her brother, President Noynoy Aquino, about this new problem that the poor airport passengers are experiencing today.

As usual, Kris communicated to everyone via Instagram. She posted a picture that says, It’s handled!

She captioned it with:

I spoke to my brother… I love my brother. I support my brother. I trust my brother. I believe in my brother. And by tomorrow you can start looking for a new issue to bully me about.

This action made the majority of people salute Kris Aquino for using her power to good use.

Some even commended her for doing this kind of charity. Although she isn’t in any government position, Kris Aquino entertains and acts on the complaints. It’s as if she’s a one-woman Malacañang complaint desk.

The political and national issues stress her out but she still do something about them. Kudos to her for airing the sentiments of the masses to the President.

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