Who kissed Yaya Dub on the lips at Sa Tamang Panahon show?


Who kissed Yaya Dub on the lips at Sa Tamang Panahon show?

Someone stole a kiss from Yaya Dub at the Sa Tamang Panahon show at the Philippine Arena on October 24, 2015.

Now, who would dare do that to Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza? Hey, just to be clear, it wasn’t Alden Richards who kissed Yaya Dub on the lips.

You wouldn’t believe that Alden even witnessed that kissing incident.

So, again, who’s that mystery someone who kissed Yaya Dub on the lips? Right on the stage!

Only a few noticed the kissing incident, but someone had totally beat Alden when it came to kissing Yaya Dub.

While Eat Bulaga hosts were busy talking to the audience, Yaya Dub knelt down to talk to Baeby Baste while Alden patted his head.

Baste looked to his right for a second, and when he faced back Yaya Dub, he immediately gave her a surprise kiss on the lips. Baeby Baste lifted his shoulders, giggling a bit.

Alden, so shocked at what happened, shouted and said:

Hoy, nandito na ‘ko.

Then, Yaya Dub jokingly seemingly scolded Baeby Baste.

Alden just laughed at Baste’s breezy move and hugged him.

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Baeby Baste kissing Yaya Dub on the lips

Watch the epic surprise kiss on the lips here: twitter.com

It’s no secret that Baeby Baste likes Yaya Dub so much. Even when he isn’t directed to say hello to Yaya Dub on Eat Bulaga, when you give him a mic, he always remembers to greet Yaya Dub.

Not only Baeby Baste, but a lot of young boys are drawn to Yaya Dub; the young girls as well. Kids just love her.

In case you’ve missed it, we wrote an article about how kids react to Yaya Dub, or AlDub in general.

So many children are watching Eat Bulaga now more than ever because of AlDub. We only hope, for kids’ sake, that Eat Bulaga keep their show as family-friendly as possible.

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