Why Christine Babao wants to be Yaya Dub & Alden’s Ninang

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Why Christine Babao wants to be Yaya Dub & Alden's Ninang.

Startattle.com — Producer and host Christine Babao, wife of ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Julius Babao, is a confirmed AlDub fan.

On November 24th, she posted several pictures and videos of her while visiting Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) at the set of “My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore.”

In between takes, Christine interacted with Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) and Alden Richards.

She was as starstruck with the phenomenal AlDub love team as the rest of the AlDub Nation.

She even had “Knock Knock” jokes for both of them and sang one of Yaya Dub’s favorite dubsmash songs.

Christine surprised Yaya Dub when she read the note that came with her gift to her.

She uploaded the video which showed Yaya Dub laughing and saying “Grabe po” after hearing the dedication.

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Startattle.com – Why Christine Babao wants to be Yaya Dub & Alden’s Ninang

The video was captioned with:

Video 1: I read to @mainedcm my handwritten note for her which says: “Dream kong maging Ninang sa Kasal nyo!”

Speechless si Maine! Natawa na lang siya ng bongga! (pero serious ako sa pagiging Ninang ha, sa #TamangPanahon!) #letsAllPray #Aldubyu #Achieve #AldubNation”

— @christinebbabao

After handing the gift, Christine continued her bonding with Yaya Dub thru a “joke time”.

She asks Yaya Dub via a “Knock Knock” joke:

Kayo na ba?

In her usual deadpan style, a “cautious” Yaya Dub said:

Bakit po?

…instead of the expected response, and then she broke into a laugh.

But eventually, thru the encouragement of those around her, Yaya Dub asked:

Kayo na ba who?

Christine answered:

Kayo na ba ni Alden?

Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) reacted by smiling shyly and clutching a magazine while doing so.

Another video showed Christine singing, “Bakit di na lang totohanin ang lahat”, while looking intently at Yaya Dub, trying to read her face.

Yaya Dub laughed at how Christine was teasing her thru that song.

Christine told her that the AlDub love team makes her happy because they remind her of what she and Julius Babao used to be.

Video 4: At kinantahan ko talaga si @mainedcm ! “Bakit Di Na lang TOTOHANIN ang Lahat??”

Ayy ang kyut ng smile-tawa-reaction ni Meng !…

— @christinebbabao

So did Christine Bersola’s fangirling, end there?

Nope, she then approached Alden to get his reaction by throwing similar jokes she played on Yaya Dub.

Alden reacted by shouting:

Grabe siya!

…with the Knock Knock question:

Mahal mo ba si Maine?

Then, when Christine said:

Serious to ha. Pwede ba kong maging ninang? Sa kasal?

Alden acted surprised and jokingly walks away from Christine who was laughing heartily.

Alden was all the while saying:

Grabe si Miss Tintin. ‘Di s’ya nang o-orient!

If Alden Richards seemed more comfortable during the joke time with Christine, that’s because they met earlier on Ai-Ai de las Alas’ fundraising concert at Mall of Asia (MOA).

Video 6 ! Heto na ang video kung saan nagulat si Tisoy sa final panggulat question ko! Hindi siya na-orient !

Haha! kyut ng reaction nya! Thanks again , @aldenrichards02 for being so game!

Sayang, kasi si Maine nasa kabilang dressing room/ tent resting during your lunch break kaya we didnt have a photo of the three of us together…

— @christinebbabao

Christine Babao also posted photos of her with Alden Richards, accompanied by a lengthy caption acknowledging “the worldwide phenomenon that is #Aldub, and how it has positively impacted our lives”.

Needless to say, Christine had a grand time with the AlDub love team.

And it seems she’s pretty serious on becoming their “godmother” if ever they get married for real.

She even calls herself #NinangDub! — This article was originally written by Startattle.com

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