Yaya Dub bad mood vs Alden in woman’s dress

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Yaya Dub's bad mood vs Alden in a woman's dress.

A lot of people are still not aware of what Yaya Dub has been going through since November 3rd.

Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza’s Twitter account had been hacked. Maine said on a tweet on November 3rd, that she has finally recovered her Twitter profile.

But her email, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles are still inaccessible at the moment.

The notorious hackers even invaded the Twitter accounts of some official AlDub fans clubs.

Anyway, on Kalyeserye’s episode on November 3rd, some didn’t expect Yaya Dub would appear on the show because they thought she would be mourning over her hacked digital possessions.

But, Yaya Dub, a very strong-willed woman, was present on the show. AlDub fans were happy but here’s the thing, she wasn’t in her usual mood. She was sad, didn’t smile that much.

It was obvious that she’s affected of what’s happening to her private accounts. Who wouldn’t be?

So, Alden to the rescue. He wanted to divert Yaya Dub’s attention by not talking about what Yaya Dub is going through.

Instead, he threw punchlines but Yaya Dub was still in a bad mood.

Then, he came up with a brilliant idea of cross-dressing as Lola Nidora because there was a point when Yaya Dub told him that he was “makulit” just like Lola Nidora.

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Image credit: Eat Bulaga

Alden surprised not only Yaya Dub, but everyone, when he showed up dressed as Lola Nidora.

He dubsmashed Lola Nidora’s famous quotes and lines. While he was dubsmashing, Yaya Dub tried so hard not to laugh.

It was really funny, she couldn’t help but burst with laughter.

And there, we salute Alden for succeeding in making Yaya Dub forget her problems even for just a short while.

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