Yaya Dub shoos Cindy away with her terrific modeling skill

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Yaya Dub shoos Cindy away with her terrific modeling skills.

Startattle.com — Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and Alden Richards had a lover’s quarrel which was rooted in jealousy.

The heated exchange between them was one of the highlights of Kalyeserye on November 18th.

Other high points of the show was when Cindy the Supermodel appeared again and tried to lay claim on Alden.

The Pambansang Bae had expressed to Cindy how special Yaya Dub is to him and then there was a battle of modeling between Yaya Dub and Cindy.

It is Yaya Dub’s new expressions, punchlines, and perfect timing that brought out the most laughs from the audience.

The way she delivered her phrase for the day:

I’ve had enough!

And her winning taunt:

Me! Did you hear that?

…left the studio audience doubling up with laughter.

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Startattle.com – Yaya Dub shoos Cindy away with her terrific modeling skills, I’ve had enough

The Eat Bulaga panel loved the way she delivered those lines that they have asked Yaya Dub to repeat those lines again and again.

It is becoming clear that Yaya Dub is slowly taking center stage not only because of her dubsmashing skills but also because she is showing her own brand of humor and her witty remarks.

The opening scene shows Lola Tidora fussing over Yaya Dub’s make-up and teaching her about being self-confidence and acceptance of her natural good looks.

But when Cindy’s name was mentioned, Yaya Dub’s face started becoming gloomy.

She complained that the talk is about Cindy again. Alden told her there’s nothing to be jealous about. Yaya Dub said:

Bakit wala, nakita ko kahapon magkahawak kayo ng kamay tapos sasabihin mo wala akong dapat ipagselos?

Yaya Dub’s spot on delivery and acting caught Alden off guard. The EB panel and the audience howled with delight, watching the AlDub LQ unfolding before their eyes.

Yaya Dub continued in a loud, accusing voice:

E bakit hindi ka bumitaw? Pwede namang bumitaw. Para ngang gustong-gusto mo pa. Nung nakikita kita parang gustong-gusto mo pa!

Alden said:

Hindi ko gusto, kamay mo lang ang gusto kong hawakan.

Then Yaya Dub, still unconvinced, said:

Ayoko na, I’ve had enough!

A desperate Alden tries to talk it out and Yaya gives him a chance to explain.

Alden tweaks Julia Roberts’ famous dialogue from Notting Hill and said:

I’m just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love me.

Yaya Dub gestures with her “Siomai for you” gesture and said:

Di mo ko makukuha diyan, Alden.

Yaya Dub there’s only one thing Alden can do. Yaya Dub told Alden:

Mahalin mo ko.

Alden answers with:

Di ko pa ba ginagawa?

Later on, Cincy entered the studio unexpectedly, looking and asking where Alden was.

Lola Babah suddenly called Alden’s phone and he had no choice but to answer, assuring her that he’s not hiding.

Alden went out of his hiding place, thinking that Cindy has left. But they both saw each other from the hallway.

Yaya Dub remarked that the scene reminded her of something, because it was the hallway where they first saw each other.

Alden approached Cindy but was praying and looking for a plywood to come between them. Everyone was asking for the plywood but Lola Nidora said she burned it already.

Cindy asked for a hug, but Alden evaded her and only shook her hand. She then asked for a kiss but Alden replied:

You know Cindy, I only kiss one girl.

He then introduces Yaya Dub to Cindy and said:

She’s very special to me.

Yaya Dub broke into a wide smile and said victoriously the now famous:

Did you hear that? Me, me, me. Did you hear that?

Alden said:

On a serious note, you’re very nice and you’re very pretty and a lot of guys admire you. But you know, I already have someone special in my heart.

And you know Cindy, love is something you don’t easily give to someone.

Yaya Dub volunteers to Alden that she will show Cindy her moves. Alden agrees, so that Cindy will leave them alone.

So, Yaya Dub, in her catwalk-ready heels and all-white ensemble, models like before.

She stretched her body in a mixture of funny, seductive, unusual poses which left the audience laughing. Cindy showed her move, too.

After modeling, Cindy said “I hate you” to Alden and left the Eat Bulaga studio.

When Cindy left, all of them got worried because Lola Babah might get back at them by taking the mortgaged mansion from Lola Nidora.

In the last few minutes, Alden asked for Lola Nidora’s permission to ask out Yaya Dub for a date since it’s their 18th weeksary anyway.

Before Lola Nidora could give her answer, the trademark freeze-frame happened.

So, that’s how things went for the battle between Yaya Dub and Cindy. Yaya Dub won the first battle, but is this the end of the war? — This article was originally written by Startattle.com

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