Yaya Dub vs Model Cindy, what’s the difference?

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Yaya Dub vs Model Cindy, what's the difference?

Eat Bulaga’s Kalyserye has a knack for wonderful surprises. They blew the viewers away when Lola Babah (Ai-Ai de las Alas) unexpectedly showed up again.

She was looking as sassy as ever. But she was there for business. Lola Babah wanted to claim what’s rightfully hers.

In last week’s episode, we learned that Lola Nidora’s (Wally Bayola) mansion has been mortgaged to Lola Babah for P20 million.

But here’s the catch. The Pambansang Bae Alden Richards has lost the antique ring of Lola Nidora. Up until now, he still hasn’t found it.

According to Lola Nidora, the ring in question costs a staggering P21 million pesos.

Lola Babah thinks Lola Nidora has no capacity to pay her back.

And so, she wanted to evict Lola Nidora from the mansion.

Lola Nidora being clever told Lola Babah to pay for her missing antique ring before anything else.

It’s actually Alden’s fault. Lola Babah scolded him for not taking care of the said expensive ring.

Suddenly, the famous bullhorn sounded in the background.

And there, the Russian model (who studies in Harvard University) that Lola Babah is pairing with Alden appeared right at the Eat Bulaga studio.

Her name is Cindy. She’s beautiful and tall, just like how Lola Babah described her.

On the other hand, the Queen of Alden’s eyes, Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) couldn’t help but frown and get jealous.

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Startattle.com – Yaya Dub vs Russian model Cindy, what’s the difference? AlDub third-party

Alden’s such a gentleman, he assured Yaya Dub he had nothing to do with Cindy’s visit.

In fact, he believes so much in Yaya Dub that he asked her to show off her modeling skills.

We know Yaya Dub, she wouldn’t let anyone belittle her.

Her eyes were fierce, her chin was up and all ready for a battle for Alden’s heart.

As usual, she modeled gracefully and her confidence was overflowing.

Yaya Dub did her famous “walis” modeling while Cindy did a “mop” modeling.

Who won as the Queen of cleanliness?

Yaya Dub vs Cindy, they’re both great models. But for the AlDub nation, Cindy just couldn’t keep up with Yaya Dub’s outrageous and unbeatable poses.

Hands down, for them, Yaya Dub won.

But no matter what Yaya Dub did, Cindy was undoubtedly the winner in Lola Babah’s eyes.

Let’s admit it. Cindy is like the perfect epitome of a lady, plus, she’s a model.

Meanwhile, according to the AlDub nation, Yaya Dub may be simple, but the beauty she possesses is astonishing.

Yaya Dub’s intelligent humor and wittiness have made Alden come out of his shell. She lightens up Alden’s lonely life in his dark, small “lungga.”

The AlDub love team has survived different quests that only made their bond stronger and hard to break.

Yaya Dub and Alden both give strength to each other. That’s one important thing, according to fans, that Alden won’t get from the new character, Cindy.

Besides, Alden has been telling Lola Babah he doesn’t like Cindy. It’s Yaya Dub whom he likes.

Lola Babah doesn’t seem to back down easiy. So, expect some new obstacles to happen which will test the close friendship of Yaya Dub and Alden.

Prepare yourselves, guys. The nightmare the you faced during Yaya Dub and Frankie Arnolli’s wedding might just happen again.

This time, unfortunately, with Alden and Cindy’s.

It’s “against-all-odds” all over again for the phenomenal AlDub love team. Be strong, AlDub nation!

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