A Second Chance, a movie about honesty & acceptance

A Second Chance, a movie about honesty & acceptance.

October 22, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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It represents the laughter and pain that couples usually feel when marriage is being tested by the persistent life teacher, the trials.

Before going to the theater, make sure to bring some tissue with you.

You’ll need a lot! I swear it’s a total tearjerker.

The dynamite performances of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo are phenomenal. It’s a successful comeback!

‘A Second Chance’ will make you cry many times.

To be honest, it’s unexplainable how the movie seems to command you what to feel about the scenes.

Some emotions will be pulled out of your chest even if you promised yourself you’re not going to cry.

I tried to maintain my composure at the theater, but I failed.

The movie successfully got me carried away from all the intense emotional scenes of Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo).

What’s nice about the movie is it shows us the dangers of trying to do everything on your own and keeping your feelings to yourself.

Especially if you’re in a relationship, if something’s bothering you, deal with it. But not in a way that will jeopardize your marriage.

You have a partner for a reason. To be a shoulder to cry on, to inspire you, and to help you grow in life as you get older.

Marriage isn’t always fun. That’s a given.

There will be trials you’ll meet along the way.

Giving up isn’t the only choice left when being tortured by fate.

Marriage is a two-way street. There will be happiness on one lane and trials on the other.

You’ll need courage and some push to get over whatever’s pulling you down.

Luckily, you have your strength with you, beside you.

No matter how much you’re hurting, that somebody who keeps your heart beating will turn things around for you. That somebody will help you clear the agonizing path before you, and walk with you every step of the way.

Popoy and Basha’s vulnerabilities will make you realize how important it is to understand what you try to ignore. And to confront what you don’t understand.

After watching this movie, you’ll have a different and deeper understanding of how ‘second chances’ work.

You’ll see what happens when you really love somebody, and when you accept the flaws and the failures that are inevitably part of having a relationship.

Your love for somebody doesn’t end when they make one, two or three mistakes.

The movie shows that if there’s a will to iron things out, there’s one thing you need to bargain. That’s your pride.

Pride isn’t something you wear in a difficult situation. Don’t expect the dilemma to give you a thumbs-up for bringing it into the equation. The mess won’t fix itself.

Marriage problems won’t eat you alive if you don’t allow them to.

You sacrifice a lot when you try to fix a broken marriage. You must be willing to risk what’s left of you because you’re fighting for the love of your life.

Wew! There are too many lessons to learn from this movie.

You’ll go out of the cinema having your views about forgiveness renewed, too.

‘A Second Chance’ proves that it’s easier to ask for change than to make the change yourself, especially for married couples who try to live their dream life.

When things are not going according to your plans, the teamwork in marriage is needed the most. That’s the time you give each other a boost to keep moving forward.

Stabilizing a rocky marriage is absolutely a hard task. But embracing what life is throwing at you and “not” letting pride get in the way at the same time, will help calm the tides down.

My only advice is, don’t hold on to your feelings while watching this. Let it go. The movie will forcefully pull it out from you anyway.

‘A Second Chance’ focuses on married life, but it imparts values which one can apply to any kind of relationship. Almost everyone will be able to appreciate its realistic approach on commitment, honesty, and acceptance.

Great job to the actors and also to Director Cathy Garcia-Molina for executing the movie well.

Kudos to the writers, too, Carmi Raymundo and Vanessa Valdez, for a very touching story.

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