Alden hugs Maine tightly for AlDub nation on MMFF Parade of Stars

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Alden hugs Maine tightly for AlDub nation during the MMFF Parade of Stars

It was a joyous day for the AlDub nation as they gathered together to show their full support to the cast of “My Bebe Love:#KiligPaMore” during the Parade of Stars on December 23rd.

Before lunch, the major fan clubs of AlDub already lined up the parade route, complete with tarpaulins and all. They were like a very big, happy family, chanting and singing “My Bebe Love:#KiligPaMore” every now and then. The festive atmosphere was enhanced by the love of the fans for their idols.

When the float of My Bebe Love arrived, the fans were screaming their hearts out, one wonders if any of them will find their voices the next day.


The complete cast of My Bebe Love was on the float. Vic Sotto, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were all enjoying the spectacle before them. There was a photo that was continuously being shared on the internet, that of Director Joey Reyes, Maine, and Alden in a very touching group hug.

When the float of My Bebe Love entered the Quirino Grandstand, the AlDub fans released 500 yellow balloons of varying sizes to welcome the cast. Yellow, as all AlDub fans know, is Maine’s favorite color.

When Alden talked on stage, he said, “Alam ninyo po, sa sobrang pasasalamat namin, gusto naming yakapin kayong lahat pero para sainyo ang yakap na ito!” Then he went on and hugged Maine tightly.


Maine expressed her reaction to everything that happened on the parade with her latest tweet which read, “What an experience! Saya! Maraming salamat AlDub Nation! Dalawang tulog na lang…My Bebe Love na!”.

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