[Pics] Baby Baste parents, cute little boy from Dumaguete

[Pics] Baby Baste parents, cutest little boy from Dumaguete.

September 21, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

People have always been wondering if Baeby Baste, Sebastian Benedict in real life, has any foreign blood in him.

The answer is ‘no’. Baste is 100% Filipino.

Startattle.com - baby baste sebastian benedict picture parents mother father mommy daddy cute Dumaguete filipino foreign blood christmas costume dwarf
Startattle.com – [Pics] Baby Baste parents, cutest little boy from Dumaguete


He’s from General Santos City, South Cotabato and he has a brother named Samsam who is as cute as he is.

If you like to see how Baste’s parents look like, here are some photos. Who does he take after?


Startattle.com - eat bulaga baste cute family parents mommy daddy picture brother samsam foreigner selfie
Startattle.com – Image credit: iambaebybaste

Here’s a closer look at his mommy:

Startattle.com - baste cute baby family mommy mother filipino blood gen san eat bulaga pictures
Startattle.com – Image credit: BaebyBaste


Take a closer look at Baeby Baste’s daddy:

Startattle.com - baby baste eat bulaga family daddy father foreign blood pure filipino cute chubby hug
Startattle.com – Image credit: iambaebybaste


If you’re also wondering how old Baste is, he is just 3 years old.

And, yes, he can read and write some numbers and letters already.

He memorized his ABCs when he was just a year old.

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