Truth about Alden Richards relationship with Maine Mendoza

Truth about Alden Richards relationship with Maine Mendoza.

by Jessie Mendoza

On December 2nd, Alden Richards attended the ‘My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore’ Bloggers’ Conference, which is his first movie with his AlDub love team partner, Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza).

Everyone knows how busy he is, but he still showed up at the Bloggers’ Conference. People admire him for taking the time to go there.

And because it’s their chance to grill Alden, they asked him questions the AlDub nation would surely appreciate.

When Alden was asked if there ever would be a chance he and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) would be together for real, he directly said that they’re both open.

He’s single, Maine Mendoza is single.

So, in that case, will Alden allow other Maine’s admirers to step up and court her?

He safely said that it’s up to Maine. But he added:

As of now, ‘wag na lang muna [manligaw]. Relax lang kayo.

Director Joey Reyes, who was also present at the My Bebe Love Bloggers’ Conference, jokingly commented that it’s fun if there would be a challenge.

Just as we told you, Alden was grilled big time at the event. - alden richards aldub yaya dub maine mendoza my bebe love kilig pa more movie mmff 2015 bloggers conference relationship court real truth premiere night awards movie film single answer status video livestream annabeles – Truth about Alden Richards relationship with Maine Mendoza (My Bebe Love Bloggers Conference)

But Alden knows how to handle himself in any ‘laglagan’ moment. He said:

I’m up for that challenge!

If there will be a challenger, what will he do, then?

According to Alden, it’s up to Maine to decide who she’ll choose. The decision isn’t in his hands.

He also assured everyone that he won’t give up easily. Great answer!

Since Alden is ready to fight for Maine, do they have any plan of going out together? Just the two of them?

His short, but sweet reply was:


Well, ‘secret’ is still something, right? At least he didn’t say ‘no comment’.

That secret could mean it isn’t impossible that we’d see them date someday. What do you think?

Before Alden and Maine start dating, the big question is, are they even in a relationship already?

Unfortunately, they aren’t.

But when asked how he’ll court Maine, Alden simply said he’ll do it like what they’re promoting in the Kalyeserye show:

Traditional [way]. Takot ko lang kay Lola.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) have jampacked schedules daily.

They both work hard to meet their commitments. And so their fans understand the status of their friendship right now.

According to Alden, no matter how busy they are, they’re still very close.

His only wish for Maine Mendoza is that she takes care of her health.

It’s nice to know that the same ‘Alden’ who cares for Yaya Dub is also caring for Maine in real life.

Since, the ‘Alden’ in Kalyeserye visited Yaya Dub at the Explorer’s mansion, someone at the event, asked if ‘Alden’ in real life has visited Maine at her house in Bulacan.

He explained that he and Maine are super busy. But again, he assured everyone that when he could, why not?

‘Pag nakaluwag-luwag…

The AlDub fans would be pleased to know that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are enjoying each other’s company.

It’s obvious that the AlDub love team isn’t rushing things. They leave everything ‘sa tamang panahon’.

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