Dodong is Vic Sotto, Yaya Dub’s father is rich and cool

Dodong is Vic Sotto, Yaya Dub's father is rich and cool.

by Jessie Mendoza

December 19th marks the meeting of Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) and her Tatay Dodong in Kalyeserye.

The social media buzz that it might be Gabby Concepcion got it wrong.

Once again, Kalyeserye writers overturned the expectations of many fans.

Was the hashtag #dodong in Gabby Concepcion’s Instagram post, as well as the silhouette of the Kalyeserye teaser, meant to mislead the public?

Seems like it. - yaya dub father dodong vic sotto hiphop isawan tatay dod daddy isadora family pictures rich maine mendoza my bebe love – (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

Tatay Dodong got off from a luxury car.

He was in hip-hop clothes complete with blings and a wig that gave him side bangs and all.

Who is Dodong? It’s Vic Sotto!

He told Yaya Dub:

Don’t call me Tatay Dodong, my name is Daddy Dod.

Yaya Dub was so overwhelmed that she fainted.

Dodong recounted how he became successful

Dodong said he put up an “Isawan”, which clicked and now has 150 branches.

But the Lolas and Yaya Dub doubted him, so he had to prove that indeed he is Dodong.

He danced and Yaya Dub did the same, showing how similarly they moved.

Then together, they dubsmashed Padan Muka Kau, and Pabebe Girls, which convinced everyone that indeed he is Dodong.

When Dodong grilled Alden

Dodong asked him if he is courting Yaya Dub.

He asked Alden to say that he loves Yaya Dub, so Alden approached Yaya Dub and said:

Yaya Dub, MHAL KITA… I love you.

Dodong advised her not to give him her sweet “Yes” at once.

He reminded her not to rush things because that was his mistake with Yaya Dub’s mother, Isadora.

Yaya Dub assured that Alden will have to wait a long time for that.

But Daddy Dod asked:

Teka, bakit parang kanina, dikit na dikit kayo?

Yaya Dub answered:

Tatay, wala lang po yun. Close lang po kasi kami. Wala pong ibig sabihin ‘yon.


Yaya Dub has a stepmother

Yaya Dub’s father also confessed that he is married and that Yaya Dub now has a stepmother.

He showed a wedding picture, with an edited version of Allan K as the bride.

Dodong to the rescue

Later on, Dodong said he paid a visit because he wanted to help the Lolas.

He heard they were evicted from the mansion.

But since the lolas refused, he is now giving his help to Yaya Dub, which he called, Divina.

Suddenly, Lola Babah (Ai-Ai de las Alas) appeared and asked Alden to come with her to Russia.

She also said that the Explorer’s mansion is for sale for the price of P200 million.

Dodong said he wants to buy the mansion.

But Babah said she will only sell it to him if he dates her.

Dodong doubled the price but a buyer who was on the phone with Lola Babah upped the offer to P600 million.

When he failed to get back the mansion, Dodong promised to make it up to Yaya Dub.

But first, he has to take care of his business in New York and it will take him a long time to come back.

Dodong told Yaya Dub that he loves her very much and said:

Forgive me, but don’t forget me.

He then thanked the Lolas for taking care of Yaya Dub and asked Alden to take care of Yaya Dub.

Dodong vs Alden

He asked the standard question that Filipino dads say to suitors:

Ikaw ba e kaya mong buhayin ang anak ko?

Alden readily answered:

Opo ‘Tay.

Yaya Dub ended the episode by saying:

Ikaw po talaga ang tunay na My Bebe Love ko, Tatay Dodong, at saka si Alden.

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