AlDub gives a glimpse of how their dream wedding will be

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AlDub gives a glimpse of how their “dream wedding” will be.

The opening number in today’s (January 23, 2016) Eat Bulaga will probably be talked about for quite a while among members of the AlDub nation.

That’s because it gives a glimpse as to how Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will probably look like as bride and groom, if their “forever comes true.”

The production number for the Vic-Pauleen pre-wedding special showed the Dabarkads in wedding clothes. - picture of aldub alden richards twitter eat bulaga twitter eat bulaga facebook aldub bts aboutaldub instagram videos richard faulkerson twitter maine mendoza age pauleen luna vic sotto eat bulaga january 23 2016 kalyeserye jan 23 kalyeserye live streaming eat bulaga jan 23 eat bulaga january 23,2016 eat bulaga january 23 video watch replay – Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza wedding (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

They walked down the aisle which was sprinkled with flower petals.

Baste was in a suit, and Ryzza Mae was wearing a white gown, too.

Alden walks out looking very handsome in a suit, acting very much like the groom as he looked at his watch, obviously waiting for his “bride.”

Then the camera pans to a wedding gown, necklace, bouquet of Maine Mendoza, who walks onstage as the beautiful bride.

As they stood side by side, they each took out half of big heart, Alden with his half named Vic while Maine’s had the name Pauleen.

They walked down the aisle, holding each other’s hands tightly and then they danced sweetly, and ended in a near-kiss at the end of their waltz.

The production number ended with Maine throwing the bouquet (which Lola Tinidora caught) and then Alden carrying Maine in his arms, posing like they are newly-weds.

Watch the EAT BULAGA Opening January 23, 2016 here:

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