Get to know Jake Ejercito, Yaya Dub’s classmate

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Get to know Jake Ejercito, Yaya Dub's classmate.

The “Jake” we’ve all been waiting for turns out to be Jake Ejercito.

He is the gorgeous, tisoy son of Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

He was born Juan Emilio Ejercito. And like he said on Kalyeserye, his birthday is March 27. - jake ejercito erap joseph estrada maine mendoza blog laarni enriquez parents wiki twitter instagram age birthday biography andi eigenmann juan emilio girlfriend 2015 father mother body pictures abs vs alden richards wikipedia kalyeserye 8 sunday pinasaya january 10 2016 – Jake Ejercito (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

In case you didn’t know, his ex-girlfriend is Andi Eigenmann, Jaclyn Jose’s daughter.

Right after he appeared as the “Jake” on Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye on January 9th, many have been wondering who his current girlfriend is.

Some fans like the fact that he’s just Yaya Dub’s (Maine Mendoza) classmate on Kalyeserye.

Some even noticed that Kalyeserye is playing safe by not making Jake Ejercito the third wheel.

Even with Jake Ejercito’s looks and charm, the AlDub nation remains loyal to Alden Richards.

According to them, on TV, Alden is more handsome than Jake.

Of course, some people disagree, saying that we won’t know until Jake and Alden are both on the screen together.

If that ever happened, well, may the best man win. LOL

Some fans want Jake back on the show.

According to them, he won’t break what Alden and Yaya Dub already have anyway.

They say AlDub’s relationship is strong as a rock, but an extra flavor like Jake on the show will make it more exciting.

But for the sake of those whose ovaries exploded when they saw Jake, they think Jake should show up again on Kalyeserye.

We don’t really know if he’ll ever be back.

It’s in the hands of the Kalyeserye writers if they think it would be better to have Jake appear on the show again.

But knowing that Kalyeserye writers consider the suggestions from fans, they might bring him back if the majority wants him there.

By the way, just so you know, Jake is all over social media.

He’s got Twitter and Instagram accounts. You name it.

Stalk him here:


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