Fans miss Julia Clarete on Eat Bulaga, where is she now?


Why did Julia Clarete leave Eat Bulaga? Where is she now?

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For several weeks now, Julia Clarete (age 35) has not been seen co-hosting on Eat Bulaga.

Turns out that the bubbly Julia Clarete is now living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as she explained in her Facebook page.

Julia apologized that she did not even have a despedida at Eat Bulaga, to signal her departure from the show. - julia clarete ciara sotto eat bulaga julia clarete leaves eat bulaga jojo oconer valeen montenegro julia clarete husband left eat bulaga instagram facebook twitter leaving son why kuala lumpur malaysia – Why did Julia Clarete leave Eat Bulaga? (Image Credit: leoangeloavila)

But judging from her message on Facebook which says in part:

Pero hayaan niyo, pag naayos ko na ang lahat, babalik ako para magsama sama tayo. Sa #tamangpanahon (tamang panahon)

[But let it be, when I am able to fix everything, I will come back so we can be together. At the right time.]
— Julia Clarete

…it seems she has every intention to go back.

However, she did not make it clear why she left Eat Bulaga at this time.

Fans left lots of comments on her page, expressing how much they miss Julia Clarete on the show, and most of them want her back.

They also wished her luck in whatever endeavor she will pursue in Malaysia.

As to why Julia Clarete left Eat Bulaga at this time is a big question mark.

She never gave any clear reason why she chose to live in Kuala Lumpur.

That’s why, there are lots of speculations on this matter.

But until Julia makes her announcement, we will never really know the real reason for her decision to leave Eat Bulaga.

Last December 2015, Julia Clarete had concerts in Canada and was also noticeably absent from Eat Bulaga.

She came back on the show on the first week of January but appeared for only a few days, before going to Kuala Lumpur.

She will be back in the Philippines on January 26th for a one-night concert at 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub, with other performers.

She did not indicate, though, if she will visit Eat Bulaga at that time.

Julia Clarete has been a co-host and performer on Eat Bulaga since 2005.

In her almost 11 years with the noontime show, she has gained the love and admiration of millions of Eat Bulaga fans.

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