Yaya Dub admits missing Alden, describes him as ideal man

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Yaya Dub admits she missed Alden, describes him as her ideal man.

Alden Richards is finally back on Eat Bulaga on January 13th, after a week-long absence.

He has not been seen in Kalyeserye since January 6th and the AlDub nation missed him terribly.

But more than anyone else, Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza), showed just how much the Pambansang Bae has been sorely missed.

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Startattle.com – Maine Mendoza missed Alden Richards (Image Credit: Maine Mendoza)

The bedimpled Alden appeared just as Yaya Dub showed her unusual and funny modeling poses while dressed in a gown for the Ms. Barangay contest.

Alden immediately dubsmashed “Ikaw ang Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko”, a perfect fit for Yaya Dub’s pageant look.

He also fansigned how beautiful Yaya Dub is.

The fansign drew the usual giggles and screams from the studio audience.

Alden called Yaya Dub, “Miss Universe” as he talked to her.

When Yaya Dub noticed how he lost weight, Alden said he just wanted his body to look better for her.

He also showed his usual workout like push-ups and crunches, which tickled the fancy of a lot of fans.

As they dubsmashed their favorite songs, Alden and Yaya Dub kissed each other several times on split screen.

But it was the simulated Question and Answer portion for Yaya Dub that became the highlight of the show.

Acting as a judge in a beauty contest, Alden asked questions which somehow caught Yaya Dub off guard.

Alden’s first question initially seemed like it was about the pros and cons of social media, but he simply asked in the end “Na miss mo ba ako?”.

That question brought the house down and made Yaya Dub laugh and say out loud “May ganun?”

Given 30 seconds to answer, Yaya Dub addressed the question about social media but ended with:

Pero yes, Mr. Richards, I missed you! I thank you.

The next question from Alden was “What’s your ideal man?”.

Yaya Dub answered with a description that fits no other man than Alden:

I will fall in love with a man not just for the good looks, but for his good heart.

I like a man who can make me feel special, who will spend time with me, who will make me his number one priority. Someone who cries when he’s sad, someone who can make me smile.

Someone who can dream with me. Someone who will hold my hand when I’m happy or sad.

But of course, my ideal man is 5’10” in height, maputi, tapos may dimple sa kaliwang pisngi, tapos nakarating ng Dubai saka Japan, ganun.

May pangalan ding Richards, ganun.

Alden didn’t seem contented though and still had a follow-up question, “Sasagutin mo na ba ako?”

Yaya Dub looked stunned as the studio audience went wild. She said:

That is a very hard question. Oh my God. My family… my family.

Lola Nidora completed her sentence with “will get mad”.

As a parting question, Alden asked from Lola Nidora if he and Yaya Dub can have a date on Saturday, to which Lola Nidora said she will have to think about.

Another highlight of the January 13th episode was when Yaya Dub showcased her talent through a half-wonderful, half-wacky rendition of Regine Velasquez’ “On the Wings of Love”.

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