Celebrated Poet Lang Leav gifts Maine with AlDub poem on Valentine’s Day

Poet Lang Leav gifts Maine Mendoza with AlDub poem on Valentine's Day

by Jessie Mendoza

On Valentine’s day 2016, world-renowned poet Lang Leav granted Maine Mendoza’s wish and made a poem for AlDub. She posted the poem online and gave it as a gift to Maine.

Lang, who’s one of Maine’s favorite authors, sent this message on Twitter to the Philippines’ Dubsmash Queen: “Hope you like it @ mainedcm. Happy Valentine’s Day! #ALDUBisLove #ALDUBHappyValentines”. Together with the message, Lang posted the poem titled “Stars in Love”.

The poem is composed of only 27 words, but is a concise and poetic description of the AlDub love team.

Startattle.com (Image Credit: Lang Leav & Maine Mendoza)

Here is Lang’s poem for Maine and AlDub:

We were two old souls
since time began–
before light was measured
in years.

We are stars that fell
from glittering skies,
to find each other here.


Lang sent the poem to Maine around 8 A.M. on February 14.

Around noontime, Maine expressed her gratitude. She tweeted back with “Omg this means a lot to me, thank you very much! Happy Valentines to you and @MichaelFaudet.”

Maine also posted the poem on her Instagram account with this caption, “Lang Leav wrote a piece for AlDub this Valentines!!! “fan girling” I love her and I am a big fan of hers ever since! I am so happy, thank you so much for this @langleav! Happy Valentines Day, everyone!”

The poem came with an artwork or illustration of the cute face of Maine, which Lang drew herself.

An AlDub fan initially requested Lang to make a poem for AlDub. Lang singled out the tweet and replied with:

“I might write a piece for #ALDUBisLove if @mainedcm asked me. I think they are so cute together!”

[email protected] 6:26 AM- Feb 13, 2016

Just minutes after Lang’s tweet, Maine immediately tweeted back and said, “@langleav oh my gosh thank you, make it happen pretty please.” A few hours later, Lang replied, “@mainedcm Okay, if you say so! Much love.”

Lang is a best-selling poet who has authored three popular books namely Lullabies, Love & Misadventure, and Memories. She is not only a poet and artist, she is also a fashion designer with a successful fashion label named Akina, which is distributed in boutiques around Australia and Harajuku, Japan. Her books are always accompanied with beautiful illustrations, all of which are done by Lang herself.

Lang was born in a Thai refugee camp while her Cambodian parents fled the Khmer Rouge. Her family moved to Melbourne and then Sydney, Australia, where she is now based.

The poet has a strong following in the Philippines, and came to visit her fans in Manila on February 7-9, 2014.

Maine, who has also dabbled in poetry writing, has been an ardent follower of Lang. One of her favorite pieces is Lang’s “Sad Things”, from the book Lullabies.

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