Daniel Padilla overcomes phobia to get a laptop for a fan

Daniel Padilla overcomes phobia to get a laptop for a fan.

by Jessie Mendoza

Heartthrob Daniel Padilla showed his Achilles heel when he guested on Gandang Gabi Vice on February 7.

Apparently, Daniel has a phobia of spiders (arachnophobia).

It seems pretty clear that Vice Ganda knew it all along since he is a long-time family friend of the Daniel’s family.

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Startattle.com – Daniel Padilla on Gandang Gabi Vice, February 7, 2016 (Image Credit: Gandang Gabi Vice)

That’s probably why, towards the end of the show, a challenge was posed to Daniel, Diego Loyzaga, and Alex Diaz.

The challenge was relatively simple, but it brings back memories of Fear Factor.

All that the guys had to do was get a small piece of paper from a box, so their partner from the audience would win a corresponding prize.

The catch is, the box contains a very big, scary-looking spider.

One has to reach into the box to get the piece of paper, lying inches away from the spider.

Diego passed the challenge easily, showing no fear at all, just a bit shocked when he saw the spider.

Alex managed to get the piece of paper, but showed that his hand was trembling after completing the challenge.

But when it came to Daniel, the actor said at once:

Gagambang talon, takot ako. Kita mo yun? Singlaki ng kamay ko!

When he got a closer look at the spider, Daniel almost jumped and shouted “Oh my God!”.

It was obvious that he found it hard to fulfill the challenge.

At one point he said:

Di ko kaya, sasabog ako diyan. Di ko talaga kaya.

The GGV crew tried to give Daniel plastic gloves but he commented that the spider will bite the gloves.

He jokingly asked for metal gloves for protection.

Minutes passed by as Daniel went back and forth to the box, trying his best to overcome his fear.

Every now and then, he attempts to dip his hands into the box, but then pulls back immediately.

Finally, cheered on by Vice Ganda, his friends Diego and Alex, the studio audience, and his partner in the game, Daniel mustered enough courage to conquer his fear and got the piece of paper from the box.

In exchange for Daniel’s efforts, his partner was very happy to get a laptop, courtesy of Dr. Vicki Belo.

Daniel, himself, seemed pretty happy about what he achieved.

It took him 4 minutes to complete the challenge.

Watch GGV: Is Daniel afraid of spiders video here: youtube.com

But what he just did wasn’t easy for someone who obviously has arachnophobia.

The phobia of spiders is very common and affects about 7% of the population, according to Science Illustrated.

Based on that figure, Daniel is just one of the more than 500 million people in the world who has arachnophobia.

Count Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp in that number. (Source)

If you have a phobia of spiders, isn’t it good to know that you’re in good company?

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