Madonna sings Crazy For You for Filipino fans

Madonna sings Crazy For You for Filipino fans

September 21, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

Filipino fans of Madonna love her song “Crazy For You”, that so many of them wished the Queen of Pop will sing it during her Rebel Heart Tour concert at the Mall of Asia Arena on February 24 and 25.

Luckily for the attendees on the second night of her concert, they got to hear the pop diva perform the love song. According to her, she had not performed Crazy For You onstage for the past 30 years. (Image Credit: Valeree Young)

Prior to singing “Crazy For You”, the singer recalled that 30 years ago, “something very important happened” in the Philippines. She went on and said, “You fought for your freedom.”

The singer was referring to the 30th year anniversary of the EDSA Revolution or 1986 People Power revolution, a peaceful uprising wherein the Marcos dictatorship was overthrown from power. Filipinos commemorate the event every 25th of February.

As Madonna started singing the opening line, “Swaying room as the music starts…”, the Filipino audience started to swoon, some of them started singing happily with the pop diva.

Crazy For You is one of Madonna’s rare ballads, and when it comes to music, Filipinos are suckers for ballads.

At the end of the song, Madonna half-shouted, “Just for you! First time in the Philippines.” Then she said she hadn’t performed that song onstage in 30 years.

But a quick search on the web showed that aside from performing Crazy For You during The Virgin Tour in 1985, the pop superstar also sang the ballad in the Re-Invention World Tour in 2004.

Nevertheless, her Filipino fans were honored to hear a rare rendition of “Crazy For You” from the Queen of Pop. For granting the thousands of requests which were probably conveyed to her by the concert producers, Madonna showed that she goes out of her way to please her audience.

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