Marian Rivera is Ynang Reyna, but Encantadia main cast still under wraps

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Marian Rivera is Ynang Reyna, but Encantadia main cast still under wraps

The remake of Encantadia is one of the most-awaited tv series on GMA Network. A lot of people are waiting excitedly as to who will finally be part of the final cast for the fantasy-action series.

On February 16, GMA Network surprised everyone when its Senior VP for Entertainment, Lilybeth Rasonable, announced that Marian Rivera-Dantes will be Ynang Reyna of Encantadia. She will play the role which Dawn Zulueta made famous in the 2005 edition of the series. (Image Credit: GMA Encantadia)

But aside from Marian, no other names were officially confirmed for Encantadia.

Regarding the cast, Director Mark Reyes himself said on 24 Oras, “Officially, at least take it from me, wala pa hong final cast ang Encantadia. Until now, management is deciding who is the best choice to perform the four roles of the Sang ‘gre…Unless makakita kayo ng naka costume ng bagong costume ng Encantadia na artista ng GMA, yun ang official. Kapag hindi pa nila nakitang naka costume ang isang artista, hindi pa ho official yun.”

The original story of Encantadia focuses on the four Sang’gres namely Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya. They are the daughters of Ynang Reyna and are the keepers of the four different stones that maintain the balance of nature in Encantadia.

Though Director Mark calls it a “requel” (a combined sequel and a retelling), the Encantadia 2016 series will still revolve around the life of the Sang’gres.

The remake is now in its pre-production phase. Director Mark showed some sketches of new Encantadia costumes on 24 Oras. They were updated in keeping with the look of the times.

Eleven years ago, Encantadia became a game changer in the tv industry. It made the fantasy series a viable alternative for primetime programming. In an industry which fed its audience with drama and slapstick every day, Encantadia was a breath of fresh air.

Will the remake or requel as Director Mark wants to call it, create the same impact today as it did more than a decade ago?

That’s a question that can only be answered when the premiere episode of Encantadia 2016 airs on GMA Network.

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