Ian de Leon’s heroic act praised by netizens

Ian de Leon's heroic act praised by netizens

by Jessie Mendoza

Ian de Leon played hero to a 10-year old boy named Ethan Sarmiento who got hit by a motorcycle in Parañaque. On March 27, the boy’s mother, Kristine Madrigal Sarmiento, posted a message on Facebook to ask help from netizens as to how she could get in touch with the son of Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon.

According to her Facebook post, Ian came to the rescue of her son and rushed him to the emergency room after he got hit by a speeding motorcycle. She said, “He was the only one who came to the rescue of a total stranger, while all the other people just passed by and looked at my bloody 10 year old helpless son who was alone when the incident happened. Such an act of kindness should be emulated by everyone! Not too many good Samaritans around anymore.”

Ian de Leon with wife Jennifer and son Jaden Kristoff (Image Credit: Ian de Leon @kris_ian_de_leon IG)

Aside from that, Kristine said that Ian got hold of the motorcycle driver who hit her son.

Kristine’s Facebook post was shared more than 2300 times, and some of the commenters shared it with GMA Network.

From the thread on Facebook, it seems showbiz writer Aster A. Amoyo notified Ian about Kristine’s plea and gave Kristine the number of the actor. Ian’s aunties including Maribel Cabaltera Aunor, Melissa de Leon Joseph, and Toni Abad also messaged Kristine and gave her the Facebook account of Ian.

Less than 10 hours after her post, at around 12:30 A.M., Kristine was finally able to talk to Ian and thank him for his good deed.

In an interview with GMA, Kristine said that Ian used his car to bring Ethan to the hospital. Ethan also said that he was treated very well by the actor, and that Ian talked to him while they were on their way to the hospital. Kristine also said that Ian never left her son while he was at the hospital and he was the one who called her to notify her of the accident. During the call, Ian never told her who he was and was even very humble.

Nora Aunor said she is proud of what her son did. Ian’s sister, Lotlot de Leon, said that it’s not the first time that her brother had extended help to someone in need.

What did the man of the hour say?

Like a true good Samaritan, Ian was modest about what he did. In the comments section on his Instagram account, he replied to netizens who praised his action with these words:

“@julietlanipa maraming salamat po Mam Juliet! Nagkataon lng po siguro na nandun po ako nung nang yari ang accidente, kahit sino naman po ang nasa lugar ko, gagawin rin po ang na gawa ko.. God bless po.. :)”

– @kris_ian_de_leon IG

On the Chika Minute portion of 24 Oras, Ian recounted what happened. He said:

“Narinig ko na may sumigaw from afar na, aray!!! Ganyan ganyan, ang sakit! papa, mommy! Nag drop yung heart ko kasi, first kid ko, five months. Tapos, nakarinig ako ng batang sumisigaw. So parang nag-click yung father instinct ko. Nakita ko, walang tumutulong. Tapos may narinig ako, antay natin ambulansya sir, tatawag pa, tatawag pa….E umiiyak na yung bata, sumisigaw. Kaya, (sabi ko), Kuya, tulungan mo na lang ako. Bibitbitin natin yung bata.”

Ian gave a message to motorists: “Respect the roads and respect the people around them as if they were their own family and friends.”

Prior to his interview, Ian had posted a long message and prayer on Facebook which was reposted by Maribel. He thanked everyone who praised him and said that he was used as a tool by the Lord, to help Ethan. He also encouraged everyone to pray for the speedy recovery of Kristine’s son. Here are the first few sentences of his message:

“Thank you all for your kind words! our good Lord knows how grateful I am that he used me as his tool to help out our poor 10yr old brother, Ethan, who was hit by a speeding rider. Any one could have done the same thing. It just so happened that I was placed where I was when someone needed me most.. May God bless all of your hearts with good health, joy, and more of his divine love, and graces! But more importantly, let’s just all focus on Ethan’s speedy recovery, by saying our own intentional prayers that he may recover 100% at the soonest possible time, let’s all pray for his family, so that all their worries and anxieties will all be lifted upon our good Lord Jesus!”

Ethan is now on his way to recovery and wants his mom to extend his thanks to Ian.

During this time when there’s so much violence and terrorism in the world, Ian’s selfless act is awe-inspiring. It brings back one’s faith in humanity. Like other netizens, we commend Ian for his heroic act. May your tribe increase!

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