Liza Soberano spends Holy Week with Enrique Gil’s family in Batangas

Liza spends Holy Week with Enrique's family in Batangas

by Jessie Mendoza

The love team of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil spent the Holy Week at Batangas. Based on reports and social media posts, Liza also bonded a lot with members of Enrique’s family.

There were reports that Liza stayed at the beach house owned by Enrique himself. (Image Credit: @suncollapse24 IG)

Photos and videos showed Liza enjoying different activities with Quen’s next of kin. One video showed her in a big jacuzzi, laughing ang whiling the time away, completely relaxed in the company of Enrique’s relatives. (Image Credit: @indeniallady)

Liza also played baseball at the beach. (Image Credit: rhizza_gf)

Fans were thrilled at the idea that Liza and Quen were spending time together outside of their usual taping schedules. A lot of them believe that the two are really involved with each other, for real. Aside from the comments that the two has a “forever” in the horizon, fans were saying that the love team should have a good rest. (Image Credit: team.lizquen)

Fans have a basis for being concerned.

LizQuen is one of the busiest love teams in the showbiz industry. Aside from their daily primetime teleserye “Dolce Amore”, they also hold shows and concerts. A few days before Holy Week, the two just had a two-day show in California titled LizQuen Meets ChowKang.

The hectic schedule of LizQuen is a source of happiness as well as worry for the fans. With the recent issue about the long working hours in the showbiz industry, fandoms are also on the lookout for any sign that their idols are working beyond what their bodies can really handle. But with LizQuen being such a good-looking couple, one can hardly see any tiredness reflected on their faces.

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