Maine Mendoza uploads videos of Alden Richards surprise visit in Boracay

Maine uploads exclusive videos of Alden's surprise visit in Boracay

by Jessie Mendoza

Maine Mendoza recently wrote on her blog “The Pessimistic Optimist Bella” that one of the things she plans to do while on vacation was to edit videos. She had always professed her love for editing videos, way before her rise to fame as Yaya Dub of Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye and as the other half of AlDub.

And sure enough, Maine recently uploaded on YouTube, two never-before-seen videos of her 21st birthday celebration in Boracay. (Image Credit: Maine Mendoza and Patchy Pie)

The first one titled “21st at Bora” is a three (3) minute video showing Maine and her friends boarding a plane and being welcomed at Discovery Shores Boracay. The rest of the video showed the entourage having fun at the facilities of the resort.

About 50 seconds into the video, Alden Richards appears to a visibly shocked Maine. What ensued were a series of shots showing AlDub in several activities like asking around for food and souvenirs from stalls on the beach, parasailing, enjoying a boat ride, and even exchanging jokes. (Image Credit: Maine Mendoza)

Alden was in the video for about one and a half minutes. At dinnertime, when Maine’s entourage was being entertained by fire performers, Alden was nowhere to be found.

The second video titled “Surprise” was taken by Patchy Pie, a constant companion of Maine who’s from the Eat Bulaga production staff. It’s just a minute long but it shows the authentic and spontaneous reaction of Maine when Alden suddenly appeared at the door of her hotel room in Boracay.

The video started with Maine standing by the entrance to her room, leaning and almost hugging the door. Somebody asked her to describe her “first day in Bora”. Maine replied with, “Oh my God, I’m having fun.” She proceeded to make wacky faces and matched it with her funny actions and gestures.

Just outside of her door, Alden suddenly appeared and was saying something like, “so from 87 ilan yun…”. Maine quickly shouted, “Oh my God!” She then covered her mouth and just stared at Alden. She was so shocked to speak. Alden just smiled and stared at her and also covered his mouth and stared at her too. (Image Credit: Maine Mendoza and Patchy Pie)

Alden asked, “Magkikita na naman ba tayo dito?”. Somebody commented, “Ano, tatanga na lang kayo diyan?”

Then Maine started to slowly close the door, still not speaking after about 25 seconds of being speechless. Then Alden and some people shouted, “Hoy!”, as Maine almost hid herself from all of them.

Maine opened the door again and asked, “Ba’t ka (or kayo) andito?”

Alden answered, ” E, napadaan lang.”

Someone behind the camera said, “O pano, babay!”

Alden told Maine, “O pano , lika na, (inaudible) na tayo.”

Maine reacted with, “Nakakalurkey.” Then she kicked the door with her left foot. Alden laughed at her reaction.

Alden gets nearer and says, “Musta?”. “Ok lang,” Maine answered.

Again Maine says, “Nakakalurkey kayo, sumasayaw pa ko dito.” She proceeds to repeat what she was doing before Alden came into the picture.

Somebody says “Halika na”. The video ended with Maine signaling and saying, “Wait lang.”

A lot of fans are already talking about the videos on social media. They are especially thrilled by the second video which showed how surprised Maine was, at the sudden appearance of Alden. Many are saying that it was thoughtful of Alden to fly all the way from Manila just to make Maine happy on her 21st birthday celebration.

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