AlDub love song duet leaves fans wanting more

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AlDub love song duet leaves fans wanting more

Members of the AlDub nation were hoping on April 12 to get a clue as to where Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub or Divina and Alden Richards were to spend the summer adventure promised by Lola Nidora last April 9.

Since the two will be unchaperoned in the said adventure, fans are hoping that something like the Tagaytay road trip will happen. There will be lots of opportunities for kilig moments and all, that’s for sure. (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

But just like last Monday, the AlDub fans never got a hint as to the location for AlDub’s summer adventure nor other details about it.

A lot of fans have been sending pictures of tourist spots on Twitter, though, suggesting possible scenic places for them to visit. Still, Alden and Divina are still undecided as to which tourist spot in the Philippines they will go to.

However, what happened on Kalyeserye on Tuesday brought a lot of joy to the fans, just the same. Aside from their usual sweetness, Alden and Divina had a wonderful duet that left AlDub fans wanting for more.

For the first time, Divina sang a complete duet on live tv with Alden. The two sang Ogie Alcasid’s “Hanggang Ngayon” , with Lola Tinidora joining in every now and then.

Alden and Divina singing a duet for a longer time than usual was enough to make a lot of AlDub fans happy.

A lot of fans commented on how well Divina carried the song this time, hitting the high notes unexpectedly.

AlDub fans know that Divina is still a bit timid when it comes to showing her real voice. But now, with her sweet voice hitting those notes, Divina showed her potential to becoming a singer someday. Fans are even saying that she should release her own album soon.

Aside from the duet, fans also got curious about Alden’s surprise gift for Divina on their next monthsary. He didn’t allow the cameras to have a peek at the room, where he’s supposedly preparing the surprise for Divina. What could that be?

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