AlDub one-on-one basketball challenge, Divina vs. Alden

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AlDub one-on-one basketball challenge, Divina vs. Alden

Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Divina, Alden Richards, and Lola Tinidora (Jose Manalo) were into playing basketball on the April 6 episode of Kalyeserye. Lola Tinidora showed her smooth moves in shooting the ball, as Alden fumbled some of his shots.

They all emphasized that sports or physical activities, like basketball, are better alternatives than other vices.

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When Lola Nidora came into the scene, she brought along pasalubongs from Bicol including the native “sili” (cayenne pepper).

Divina bravely ate about one and a half pieces of sili without even showing how hot it tasted. Though she ate some pili tarts and drank water to tame its taste, one can barely see her real reaction to the spiciness of the cayenne pepper.

Lola Nidora then mentioned that they plan to have an outing at her friend’s place. Alden wanted to tag along but was given the condition to score three times consecutively on the hoop, which he did.

Divina later on tried her hand in shooting the ball, and scored twice. She danced everytime she scored a field goal.

Lola Tinidora wondered, what if Alden and Divina compete against each other in basketball? Alden agreed and said, it seems that Maine just got lucky in shooting the ball.

Divina answered, “Grabe ka, anong tsamba. Gusto mo turuan pa kita e.”

Alden said, “O sige gusto mo, one-on-one tayo?”

Divina was about to say yes but then Lola Tinidora started to teach her how to play basketball, and displayed her moves against Yaya Git.

Divina then asked if Alden is good in playing basketball and teased him, “Baka naman konting practice ko lang e, matalo na kita. Di naman sa pagmamayabang, ano, one-on-one?”

Alden answered that he’s an average baskeball player. He said, “So, hinahamon mo ko? Are you challenging me?”

Divina said, “Oo, hinahamon kita, Alden. One-on-one.”

Lola Nidora asked Divina to be cautious because she might endanger herself.

But both Divina and Alden agreed to the challenge.

Divina said that the loser will face a consequence. Alden agreed and was about to say what the consequence should be, when Lola Nidora interrupted them. She warned Divina if she’s sure about what she’s doing, saying that it’s a man’s game. Divina assured her that she can do it.

Both Alden and Divina said “Game!”. After doing so, the bullhorn sounded and all of them switched to a freeze-frame mode.

AlDub fans are wondering when that one-on-one game will happen. Will it be on AlDub’s 38th Weeksary or will it be during the family outing? And how do you think that game will turn out to be?

We bet AlDub fans wouldn’t keep score. They just know that the game will provide lots of opportunities for Alden and Divina (or Maine) to get closer together.

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