Bunnies happy that Carrot Man is now a Boardwalk endorser

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Bunnies happy that Carrot Man is now a Boardwalk endorser

Jeyrick “Carrot Man” Sigmaton just landed his first endorsement deal. The fashion company , Boardwalk, announced the good news on April 13 via social media.

The young man from the Mountain Province joins the elite rank of Boardwalk models or endorsers which include Derek Ramsay, Gabby Concepcion, Coco Martin, Matteo Guidicelli, Mike Tan, JC De Vera, and Alden Richards, among others.

Startattle.com (Image Credit:@boardwalkph IG)

Prior to the announcement, Boardwalk put out a picture of a smiling man whose face was partly covered by a hood. The message accompanying the picture was “Can you all guess the man under the hood?” The company asked their followers to guess and comment about who their newest model is. A lot of the followers correctly guessed that it was none other than the Carrot Man.

(Image Credit: @boardwalkph IG)

A few hours later, Boardwalk posted a picture of Jeyrick wearing a hooded long-sleeved shirt, with carrot prints on it. Another picture is circulating on the net, with Jeyrick wearing a shirt printed with carrots. Will Boardwalk come out with a fashion line built entirely on carrot prints?

Startattle.com (Image Credit: @jeyricksigmaton IG)

But Jeyrick can carry not only carrot-printed clothing, but classy, fashionable clothes designed by international designer Avel Bacudio.

Bacudio posted a stunning black and white photo of Jeyrick, elegantly clothed in a dark top and looking like a young, fashion royalty. His long hair was tucked behind his ear, emphasizing his unbelievably attractive face.

Startattle.com (Image Credit: @avelbacudio, @jericksanchez IG)

The rumor about Jeyrick’s first deal as an endorser has been circulating online since the last week of March. Carrot Man’s fans, known as Bunnies (some are Rabbits), have been very excited about it. They said that their idol deserves the opportunity because of his extraordinarily good looks.

Since he became a viral sensation on the internet, Jeyrick has been compared to local and international actors like Dennis Trillo, Alden Richards, and Korean stars Lee Min Ho and Jang Keun Suk.

A lot of people were proven right when they said that the Carrot Man has a future because he was already handsome even when he was not made over yet. He was a diamond in the rough, so to speak.

Now that the diamond has been polished, oh look how it shines. The result is simply dazzling!

We expect that the population of Bunnies will now multiply at a faster rate than usual.

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