Dingdong Dantes resigns from NYC to campaign for Robredo

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Dingdong Dantes resigns from NYC to campaign for Robredo

Dingdong Dantes resigned from his position as Commissioner-at-Large of the National Youth Commission (NYC) on April 8. Dingdong posted a lengthy message on Facebook to announce his decision.

The Kapuso Primetime King described his work at NYC as his “in-between”, something that he did between life-altering events and big decisions. He said, “… as a public figure, I have learned that what I do in between elections is as important as participating in the election itself.”

Dantes said that his work at NYC “has been a great honor and a privilege”. He also considered his work for the Committees on Environment and Education, “to be one of the most rewarding tasks as a public servant”.

Towards the end of his post, Dantes gave the actual reason for his resignation. He said that in the coming May 9 elections, he will be joining the 54.6 million voters “to protect the future of this country by supporting the candidacy of leaders whom we think deserve to be at the forefront of development (in this elections or the next).”

Dingdong went on by saying, “I will start today by declaring my support for a person whom I strongly believe will champion our common interests of good governance, humble service, and sustainable reform. And I have every reason to believe that she will continue to do this regardless of the outcome of the elections.”

And who do you think Dingdong perceived as the person who has all those qualities he mentioned?

The Kapuso star was very clear in his declaration that he was referring to none other than vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo. Dingdong’s last two sentences declared his unequivocal support for Robredo:

I will start today by declaring my support for the candidacy of Leni Robredo as the next Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines.
This is my new in between.

Robredo immediately thanked Dingdong for his support on a Facebook post and quoted Dingdong’s declaration of support for her. She was obviously elated and said,”What a great honor!” in reaction to Dingdong’s move.

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