Fans get high on JaDine Adventure Special

Fans get high on JaDine Adventure Special

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

JaDine fans were ecstatic on April 10 as ABS-CBN aired the JaDine Adventure Special at 11:00 A.M., just before ASAP Official.

The Adventure Special showed James Reid and Nadine Lustre enjoying the sights of Dubai, with each stage of their journey documented.

They have been to Dubai before, but it’s the first time for James and Nadine to visit Dubai as a couple. The video showed just how excited they still were in exploring the tourist spots of Dubai.

(Image Credit: @vivaartistsagency IG)

But while the couple reveled in what Dubai had to offer, JaDine fans were mostly focused on the sweet nothings of the couple, as well as their body language.

Most fans couldn’t help but notice just how comfy JaDine are now, with each other. There was a scene wherein the two were bumping each other while they were walking on a hallway. Nadine had to resort to holding James’ face like a little kid, just so she could stop him from doing his antics. Did she kiss him then?

There was also a scene where Nadine rubbed James’ arm. Yep, observant fans saw that small gesture of love and zoomed on it.

JaDine enjoyed the view from the Burj Al Arab and the beach near it, the Desert Safari’s bumpy ride, and other places and activities. James tried his lifelong dream of skydiving, while Nadine was content in just supporting him, since she admitted she’s scared of heights.

In their interviews, the couple spoke about love, adventure, and how other people are reacting to their relationship.

James said in an interview, “Well, i never expected that people bashing will ever ruin what we have. I think everyone’s happy.”

He also said that JaDine’s love story is just in its early stages. “Our love story has been the craziest in my life. so, we’ve done some scary things, we’ve done some big things, overcome a lot of things and it hasn’t stopped yet. Still going, it’s just the start,” James explained.

Nadine’s quotable was when she compared love with adventure. She said,that an “adventure is like falling in love…you’ll take the risks,you’ll face your fears”.

With the words that JaDine are expressing, one could already compose a love song, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, fans lost no time in making the hashtag #JaDineAdventureSpecial become a top trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines, overshadowing the hashtag for the Pacman Bradley fight for a while.

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