James Reid tries skydiving, video goes viral

James Reid skydiving, video goes viral

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

James Reid recently shared his experience of jumping off a plane on his Facebook page, and fans are all raving about it.

Posting an almost 6 minute video showing him before, during, and after the dive, James simply attached the message “Skydive Dubai”.

Startattle. com (Image Credit: James Reid FB)

The video starts with a short interview of James by a representative of SkyDive Dubai, a company which offers a variety of skydiving services like tandem skydives, licensed skydiving, advanced skydiver coaching and a host of others, including a skydiving school.

James is shown in a harness and a guy asks him why. James says, “I’m about to jump out of a plane”. Asked if he’s ready to go skydiving, James answered with a smile, “I’m stoked.”

The interviewer behind the camera said that James looked a bit nervous. James said, “No, I’m just really, really excited. I’ve dreamed about this so many times”

Why did he want to skydive? James answered, “Off the bucket list. Can’t stop thinking about it, so…”

The OTWOL actor showed that his whole team was supporting him. As the short interview ended, his team encouraged and cheered before he proceeded to the plane.

When he was inside the plane, James touched his chest and said, “Now i feel it.” A guy asked him if he’s scared and James said that he’s excited and made a rolling motion with his hands. He said, “We’re gonna jump for sure.”

Asked about his instructor and jump buddy, James gestured that she’s strong but he forgot her name. So the instructor sort of pushed him away jokingly. He apologised to her as one the interviewer reminded him that the instructor is the most important thing in his life at that time.

As James was about to jump out of the plane, he made a “peace” sign to the camera. Throughout the whole time that he was skydiving, James was all smiles, stretching his hands like a small kid in the act of flying. It was as if he never wanted the dive to end.

Startattle.com (Image Credit: James Reid FB)

When he landed on the ground, his hair was in disarray (a rare thing for James). But when he was asked the question, “Do you want to do it again?” he enthusiastically answered “Yes”.

His favorite part about the dive? “The whole thing.”

Startattle.com (Image Credit: James Reid)

If you’re wondering where Nadine Lustre was, during that time, James said in a press conference that he very much wanted Nadine to join him in skydiving. But Nadine refused, because she has acrophobia.

JaDine went to UAE as part of their world concert tour.

James’ skydiving video has gone viral, getting more than 200,000 views and counting. It has been shared more than 4000 times and had over 1000 comments.

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