Liza Soberano gives Enrique Gil expensive flyboard as birthday gift

Liza Soberano gives Enrique expensive flyboard as birthday gift

by Jessie Mendoza

LizQuen fans are all excited by the latest Instagram post of Enrique Gil with the message, “Flyboard baby!!! Thank you @lizasoberano i love you!! ❤”

The message accompanied a photo of two boxes full of water sports equipment known as flyboard. (Image Credit: @enriquegil17 IG)

What’s a flyboard? It’s a type of water jetpack or hoverboard attached to a personal water craft, usually a jetski, which then supplies propulsion to drive the flyboard and water. The equipment was invented by a Frenchman jetski racer named Franky Zapata.

Liza Soberano explained it simply in by saying , “para siyang it lifts you up in the air. Parang Iron Man.”

Flyboarding (Image Credit: Flycaptain)

Judging by the looks and description alone, the flyboard doesn’t come cheap. A search on the net shows that the equipment given to Quen ranges from at least $7000 to at most $12000. That’s P325,000 to almost P560,000.

But it’s not the fact that Liza gave Quen a pricey gift that really excites the LizQuen fans. It’s the “I love you” in Quen’s message that makes them feel the kilig all over.

Well, Quen does not seem to hide his romantic feelings for Liza, anyway. He sort of confirms the status of his relationship with Liza in a pocket conference for Dolce Amore. Push quotes him as saying, “May relasyon pero hindi nga gano’n, pero alam mo, alam mong sa amin, parang gano’n na rin eh,” he answered. (We have a relationship but it’s not like that (boyfriend-girlfriend). But you know, for us, it’s as if we’re almost like that.)

So where is he going to use the flyboard?

It seems the gift comes at a perfect time. Enrique’s beach house in Anilao will see more of him as well as Liza and her family. Expect pictures of Quen trying on the flyboard in the coming weeks. If Liza’s daring enough, we’ll probably see her riding high on the flyboard too.

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