Liza Soberano says calling Enrique her best friend, not a bad thing

Liza Soberano says calling Quen her best friend, not a bad thing

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

For quite some time now, Liza Soberano has been calling her love team partner Enrique Gil, her “best friend” and her crush. The Dolce Amore actress unabashedly admitted since last year that Enrique is very likable.

But LizQuen fans seem to feel dissatisfied whenever Liza refers to Quen as her best friend, after all this time. Are fans losing hope that they will ever become a real couple because of that?

(Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)

Liza’s recent tweets answers some fans’ criticisms regarding this matter. She tweeted, “I can’t believe people still get mad for me saying he’s my best friend? Is that a bad thing?”

A lot of fans replied by saying they weren’t really mad at her, they just want more things happening with the love team. Others said Liza shouldn’t feel pressured by what other fans are saying.

Two minutes after that tweet, Liza tweeted another one, which should give LizQuen fans more hope about what could happen in the future of LizQuen’s relationship:

Calling someone your best friend doesn’t necessarily mean you are friend-zoning them. Things can develop, right?
-11:37 P.M. April 9 2016 @lizasoberano

The words “things can develop” give a hint that Liza is giving Quen a very big fighting chance. So, LizQuen fans should really keep calm. Liza’s “best friend” term for Quen is actually a good thing.

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