Avid grandma fan meets JaDine, asks James not to hurt Nadine

Avid grandma fan meets JaDine, asks James not to hurt Nadine

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

JaDine met with a senior citizen and avid fan named Lola Rosela in a Facebook live event on May 12. James and Nadine came up from behind Lola Rosela while she was talking to her granddaughter at an undisclosed venue.

At first, Lola Rosela did not recognize James when he sat beside her companion. Then she said, “Para ngang si James ito a”. She looked at him and when she realized it was really James in front of her, she hugged him tightly, letting out squeals like a real fangirl.

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When she stopped hugging him, she said, “Uy, wag mo namang anuhin si Nadine. Wag mong sasaktan. Mahalin mo naman.”

James laughed and said, “Andito sya, andito sya,” and pointed to Nadine. She happily hugged Nadine and started crying. Nadine told her, “Wag na po kayong umiyak”.

Lola Rosela said “Nakita ko kayo…, then she hugged James again, and repeated “Ikaw James, wag mong sasaktan si Nadine”.

She said it had always been her dream to see the two. She had to ask for some water as she pounded her breastbone saying, “Masakit dibdib ko.” Lola Rosela was obviously overwhelmed at seeing her idols.

After drinking water, she hugged Nadine and said, “Sana nga magkatuluyan kayong dalawa,” and she repeated her message that James should not hurt Nadine. The actor nodded and said, “Sure, don’t worry about it.”

Lola Rosela was treated to lunch and was given JaDine souvenir items, movie tickets for “This Time”, and other goodies.

The lovable grandma fan of JaDine first came to the attention of JaDine fans when IG user Jovie Ann Franciso (@einiella_jovie)introduced her on her Instagram account. Jovie posted a picture of 72-year-old Lola Rosela and described her as a “super duper avid fan” whom she met at the movie theater.

Lola Rosela was about to watch “This Time” for the fifth time. Jovie learned that Lola Rosela didn’t have anyone with her and so they bonded together as JaDine fans. There, Jovie learned how much of a fangirl Lola Rosela was when it comes to JaDine. She attended the JaDine Love concert at Araneta alone, and has a magazine collection of the love team.

A day after they met, Jovie traced Lola Rosela’s house and gave her some magazines, which Lola Rosela happily received. She kissed all of the covers of Nadine and James. She said, that she feels very happy in her life whenever she sees JaDine.

The video of Lola Rosela circulated among JaDine fans and were viewed by JaDine themselves. Just 2 days after Jovie’s visit to Lola Rosela’s house, the granny finally had a chance to meet her idols.

We are sure that Lola Rosela will cherish her memorable meeting with James and Nadine. JaDine will also never forget their meeting, most especially James, who made a promise to Lola Rosela to never hurt Nadine.

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