Liza Soberano can’t get enough of Italy

Liza Soberano can't get enough of Italy

by Jessie Mendoza

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil had a grand time in Italy recently when they taped scenes for their top rated series, Dolce Amore.

LizQuen, together with Matteo Guidicelli, enjoyed the sights of Bologna and Venice and shared lots of photos on Instagram recently. (Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)

Among all of them, Liza seems to be the most taken with Italy, posting a total of 15 photos! In one post she even captioned it with the message, “I wouldn’t mind living here.” (Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)

In another photo, she must have realized that she had posted a lot on Instagram and said, “Sorry for flooding”. (Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)

One of the best pictures Liza took was that of Enrique who looked dashing in his dark glasses, with the Grand Canal of Venice as backdrop. Liza captioned it with, “you could pass as an Italian”. Did Liza forget to add the adjective, “handsome”? (Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)

Then there’s that photo of LizQuen feeding the pigeons at Piazza San Marco Venezia. The picture looked funny since one pigeon was right on top of Liza’s head. “I was just hoping the pigeon on my head wouldn’t poop,” was Liza’s description of the photo.

Liza falling for Italy, can be seen as she posted a photo of her on a bridge at the Grand Canal of Venice. She captioned it with, “Can’t get enough of this place”. (Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)

But wait, her last picture of Italy is a photo of Enrique, his back to the camera while he’s pointing at a distant building. Liza’s caption? “Show me the way.” (Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)

Hmmm. Is this an “I go, where you go” thing? Or are we just reading too much between the lines because of that thing called forever?

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