LOOK: Bench billboards of Nadine, Kathryn, Kim, and Maine

Bench billboards of Nadine, Kathryn, Kim, and Maine

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

The Bench billboards at the EDSA-Guadalupe area are once again the toast of the town.

Nope, not because the billboards contain scantily clad sexy men or women baring their well-contoured bodies. Nor because of controversial statements or suggestive captions for which Bench advertisements were criitcized before.

Nadine, Kathryn, Kim, and Maine (Image Credit: @benchtm IG)

The present crop of those giant Bench billboards created a buzz on social media simply because they feature the most talked-about female celebrities in Philippine showbiz today, namely Kathryn Bernardo, Kim Chiu, Nadine Lustre, and Maine Mendoza.

The young female stars were each given a dedicated billboard. Each one of them, modelling a type of jeans.

Nadine wore a black haltered top with Skinny White Jeans; Kathryn was in a light colored top wearing Skinny Blue Jeans; Kim was wearing Super Skinny Jeans; while Maine wore a long-sleeved top with Ripped Girlfriend Jeans.

Fans of the four female celebrities were all praises for the ads, all of them rooting for their respective idols.

Bench posted on Instagram, a wonderful shot capturing all the billboards lined up at EDSA Guadalupe area and captioned it with this message:

All eyes on the country’s prettiest set of It-girls. Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre), Kathryn Bernardo (@bernardokath), Kim Chiu (@chinitaprincess), and Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) make sure they’re talked about in their BENCH/Everyday looks. Guadalupe looks pretty amazing again.
– @benchtm IG

The post had more than 7000 likes with an unusually large number of comments, numbering more than 2700. The comments were probably bloated because fans are trying to outdo each other in praising their idols.

Comparisons among all of them continue to pour in, with some bashing included. A lot of commenters, though, are also saying that all of them are beautiful and that people should stop the hate and just be content with the billboards.

One name keeps cropping up that’s not included among the billboard models, that’s none other than Liza Soberano. Some consider Liza as one of the most beautiful faces amongst the young actresses in the industry today. Besides that, she also has a very strong following among Filipino showbiz fans.

Well, Liza’s not included simply because she’s not a model for the Bench trademark. But she’s an endorser for the fashion line Kashieca, which is also a member of Ben Chan’s Suyen Corporation.

We just have to ask this lame question, “Billboard, billboard on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

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