Top 20 Facts about Aly Borromeo, KC Concepcion’s beau

Top 20 Facts about Aly Borromeo, KC Concepcion's current beau

by Jessie Mendoza

KC Concepcion admitted in April that she’s dating Alexander “Aly” Borromeo, describing him as a “really kind, gentleman” by her side.

Aly Borromeo with girlfriend KC Concepcion and her parents Sharon Cuneta and Senator Kiko Pangilinan
Image Credit: @alykace IG

In a recent interview, she said she is very happy and likes the fact that Aly mingles and tries to get to know her family. He even plays with her younger siblings.

Sharon Cuneta seems to agree with her daughter KC and also described Aly as “a really good guy”. In ABS-CBN’s interview after her signing of a new 2-year contract with the network, Sharon added that Aly is decent and is very respectful towards them.

KC Concepcion with boyfriend Aly Borromeo and their relatives including Angeli Pangilinan and Senator Kiko Pangilinan
Image Credit: @alykace IG

The Megastar wants KC to get married soon and that she already wants grandchildren. It seems Aly will have no problem with his future in-laws, if ever.

KC Concepcion and boyfriend Aly Borromeo being sweet
Image Credit: @alykace IG

But who is Aly? Who is this man who has been dating KC for the past few months? What is he like?

KC Concepcion with boyfriend Aly Borromeo and friend in a club
Image Credit: @jm_ro IG

What a lot of people know about Aly is that he’s the former team captain of Kaya Footbal Club and the Philippine national football team, commonly called the Azkals team.

We have scoured data from Kaya’s website and other online websites like Inquirer, Philippine Star, and YouTube to know more about KC’s current date.

Here are the Top 20 little-known facts we’ve gathered about Aly:

1. Born June 28, 1983 , Aly is two years older than KC. Aly was born in San Francisco, California but he grew up in the Philippines.

2. He is 1.88 m or 6 ft 2 inches

3. Education-wise, Aly went to the International Montessori School for his grade schooling. He went to La Salle Greenhills in High School and De La Salle University and then Skyline College in San Francisco for his college education.

4. He loves health food, and his favorite is Inasal. But he also treats himself to a piece of steak weekly. He considers eating as one of his hobbies and one of those things he really spends money on.

5. His first dream was to become a wrestler or an NBA player.

6. Aside from football, Aly plays basketball, tennis, and golf. He is also into gymnastics.

7.He also loves going to the beach and likes water sports like surfing and wakeboarding.

8. He is also a businessman and is part owner of Healthy House, a nutrition and fitness firm. Check out their website

9. He sustained a major injury in 2011, which sidelined him from playing football for some time.

10. He had endorsed several products before, like Datu Puti, Smart, Cortal, and Bench Body underwear. He is also Cosmo Philippines’ centerfold Hall of Famer.

11. His favorite actor is Jim Carrey and his favorite movie is Any Given Sunday

12. He loves hip-hop, Dire, Snoop, and Tupac

13. He considers Michael Jordan as an influence in his life and wants to meet him someday.

14. His fashion style is simply a V-neck or crew T-shirt.

15. He is a self- confessed sneakers and shoe addict and admitted a year ago to Inquirer that he had about 200 pairs in his closet. Yep, he would line up early morning just to get his hands on collector’s shoes like retro Nike Air Jordans.

16. He loves his iPhone.

17. He is not fond of using perfumes.

18. He used to be in a relationship with Make Up Artist and businesswoman Ines Lobregat. Aly and Ines were an item for more than 5 years but have been friends since they were 13.

19. He likes sleeping on his left side, fetal position, with a pillow between his legs and another pillow for hugging.

20. Aly notices a girl’s eyes right away. He finds it sexy if a girl is very confident and has a good sense of humor.

Aly says his girlfriend doesn’t really need to know about a lot about football. She just has to understand that he’s a professional athlete. He can teach his girl the basics of it, though.

KC Concepcion boyfriend Aly Borromeo with father Marcus Blackmore and wife Caroline Furlong
Image Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald

We also found out recently that Aly’s father is Marcus Blackmore, one of the richest businessmen in Australia whose fortune is worth about 850 million AUD or about US$620 million. His company Blackmores Limited, is listed in the Australian stock exchange and has a market capitalization of about 3.1B AUD. Aly met his father when he was already 27.

Now that you know a lot more about Aly, do you think he’s a good match for KC? Is he the one for KC? Does AlyKace have a shot at forever?

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