Maine Mendoza surprises fans with 2-hour spontaneous bonding off-cam

Maine Mendoza surprises fans with 2-hour spontaneous bonding off-camera

by Jessie Mendoza

Maine Mendoza fulfilled the dreams of many of her superfans as she got chummy with them on June 4. Fans couldn’t believe their luck as the other half of AlDub displayed spontaneity when she held an impromptu bonding with them last Saturday.

The Dubsmash Queen went to Broadway that day for Kalyeserye and even played the Pinoy Henyo game where she and a contestant won the jackpot of P50,000. (Image Credit: eLvs @elvssszzz)

After the show, at around 3 p.m., Maine and her entourage were supposed to leave Broadway studio. Fans already had their photos taken with her and she had also said her goodbyes to them.

But members of her fan clubs noticed her hesitation in leaving. They were surprised when she sat down on the floor and started bonding with them, like she was not the phenomenal star that she is.

Like a friend or a sister, Maine spent the next two hours with her fans by telling them stories, answering their questions, playing Pinoy Henyo, and so forth. Some fans felt like it was some sort of an open forum while others labeled it as a mini get together. (Image Credit: MAINEnatics Batangas @MAINEnatics_BTS)

A fan with the handle named eLvs (@elvssszzz) described what other fans must have felt at that moment, too. Here’s an excerpt from her essay: “You took some 2 quality hours from your precious time and spent it with us. We talked, we laughed, we had a lot of fun just like what normal barkadas do on a Saturday afternoon.”

At one point, Maine took off her shoes so somebody can take a picture of it. Maine very well knows that there are devoted fans who take note of everything that she wears and track down the brands, for the rest of the AlDub nation. She was even asking for @mainedcm_style and is also aware of @MaineOOTD, the most popular sleuths of her fashion style. (Image Credit: Maine Mendoza Style @mainedcm_style)

Maine showed her natural, humorous side a lot of times during that unplanned afternoon.

She gave a piece of mint to all the winners of the Pinoy Henyo games she initiated. She also distributed to some of her fans a piece of facial blotting paper or oil absorbing sheet. You should see how fans mobbed her just to get a piece of that blotting paper!

Maine handing out blotting paper (Image Credit: Maine Mendoza OFC @MAINEnatics_OFC)

But Maine also underestimated how much her fans worship her. When she used one of the blotting papers to wipe her face, she was shocked when everyone went crazy to get hold of that piece.

Someone snatched it from her hand and she tried to go after the fan. Fans were requesting her to use one again and give it to them. She just couldn’t believe what they were asking for and said, “Uy, grabe kayo!”

Maine didn’t really give any big item to her fans during that Saturday afternoon. She didn’t have to. What she brought into that spontaneous gathering was herself, without the airs that usually accompanies a star of her stature. And yes, Maine gave up 2 hours of her time, which all of her fans know, is now a precious commodity for the busy young star.

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