Maine Mendoza writes, sings AlDub movie theme song ‘Imagine You and Me’

Maine Mendoza writes, sings AlDub movie theme song

by Jessie Mendoza

For the 11th Monthsary of AlDub, Maine Mendoza sang the theme song for the AlDub movie titled, “Imagine You and Me”. Maine wrote the lyrics to the song which bears the same title as the movie, and revealed part of her composition to the AlDub nation a week ago.

When Maine sang it on Eat Bulaga on Thursday, June 16, she couldn’t help but cry. Some fans at the studio were also crying with her, others were too overwhelmed that finally, Maine is singing and sharing her sweet and gentle voice with them. (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

It’s a simple song, with a beautiful melody. The music or melody was done by Bossing Vic Sotto and it was arranged by Jimmy Antiporda.

But it’s the singer Maine, who brought the house down with her heartfelt rendition of the love song. (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

For someone who started her career as a “voiceless” Yaya Dub, Maine has finally arrived as a singer-songwriter to contend with.

Before she went onstage, Alden gave her some words of inspiration while they were at his usual “lungga” or hideout. He told Maine that the first time he saw her on Eat Bulaga, he knew that she was very talented, even if she didn’t know it herself. He said that even if Maine didn’t believe in herself then, “I believe so much in you, alam mo yan since Day 1.”

Fans were screaming their hearts out as Maine went onstage. She thanked her fans and said that a lot of “firsts” in her life happened when she joined Eat Bulaga. She also said she tried new things at the show, which she never thought she could do.

She said she was given the chance to write a song and sing it as well, the latter she never expected. “Ang mga pangarap ko unti-unting natutupad at yun naman po ay dahil po sa inyong lahat. Dahil kayo po’y sumusuporta sa akin, nagmamahal sa akin. Maraming Salamat po kaya eto pong kantang ito para rin po sa inyo. ” (My dreams are slowly coming true because of all of you. Because you support me, because you love me. Thank you and thid song is for you.)

Alden proudly introduced Maine before she sang as, “ang Dub ng buhay ko” (The Dub of my life) and kissed the back of her hand before leaving the stage for her to conquer. (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

With the first introductory notes of the song, it was obvious that Maine was overcome with emotions. She was misty eyed, holding back tears before she opened her mouth to sing. As she sang, she was crying and was also looking and smiling at Alden during some portions of her performance. (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

On split screen, Alden was shown singing the song with her. His expression clearly showing encouragement and support for Maine while she was performing.

Bossing Vic Sotto said two days ago that Maine has already completed writing the lyrics for the song. He said he did not change any of the lyrics when he composed the melody.

According to Vic, Maine is a good writer or lyricist because she writes from the heart.

It’s not surprising that Maine is a talented songwriter. In her blog “The Pessimistic Optimist Bella”, she has posted a lot of beautiful poems. Maine fans know this talent of hers so well, and had always praised her style in writing.

As to her voice and style, fans are already familiar with her sweet and refreshing voice.

Since her phenomenal rise to stardom as the iconic Yaya Dub of Kalyeserye, fans have scoured the net for all details about her. They know she can sing well through the songs she uploaded on, and through the very few times she sang jokingly on Eat Bulaga.

Alden Richards said that aside from the solo version of Maine, the song “Imagine You and Me” will also have a duet version which they will perform on Eat Bulaga on Saturday, June 18. (Image Credit: EatBulaga)

But after the sneak preview of the AlDub movie was shown and after Kalyeserye, Maine and Alden treated the audience with a duet of some parts of the song. (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

Then, Alden and Maine did what endeared them to their millions of fans. They showed their raw feelings as they stopped singing and just hugged each other, both of them too emotional to sing. Alden kissed Maine on the forehead, a kiss which encapsulated the lyrics of the song…”Imagine you and me, together eternally”. (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

Don’t forget to breathe, AlDub nation. Remember, the AlDub movie “Imagine You and Me” will be shown in theaters starting July 13. Mark that down on your calendars, pronto.

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