Alden Richards grateful to Maine Mendoza for being a blessing to him

Alden grateful to Maine for being a blessing to him and his family

by Jessie Mendoza

The AlDub movie, “Imagine You and Me”, had its grand press conference on July 1, with the love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, answering questions from the press.

But it was the exclusive interview of AlDub with Nelson Canlas on 24 Oras, that really touched the hearts of the AlDub fans.

(Image Credit: 24 Oras, GMA Network)

In the interview, Nelson said he knows that the movie is a dream come true for both of them. He then asked Alden and Maine to say their message for each other. Nelson also asked them to look at each other, while doing so.

Maine said:

Alden,ang tagal natin ‘tong inantay, ‘tong mga ganitong bagay. At eto na, unti-unti nang natutupad ang mga pangarap natin. Actually, nagsimula na nga noon pa nung magkakilala tayo. And sobrang thankful ako, lagi ko naman ‘tong sinasabi sayo, na dumating ka kasi ikaw rin yung naging way para sa katuparan ng mga pangarap ko. And ngayon, sobrang thank you sa lahat ng ginagawa mo for me, sa lahat, sa lahat, sa lahat, Thank you.

(Alden, we waited for this for a long time, things like these…and it’s here, our dreams are slowly coming true. Actually, it started when we got to know each other. And as I’ve always told you, I am so thankful that you came into my life because you also paved the way for the fulfillment of my dreams. And now, am so thankful for everything you’re doing for me. For everything, for everything, for everything. Thank you.)

(Image Credit: 24 Oras, GMA Network)

Alden, on the other hand, was more emotional when he gave his message for Maine. He said:

Sa tinagal-tagal ko sa showbiz, parang ang dami nang dumating, ang dami nang dumaan. Ang dami ko nang pagsubok na dinaanan- personal, sa career. Pero, nung dumating ka kasi nagbago lahat e. Parang naging madali lahat para sa akin


(In my so many years in showbiz, it’s like a lot had come by, a lot had happened. I went through a lot of trials, in my personal life and in my career. But, when you came, everything changed. It seems like everything became easier for me.)

Maine jokingly says in response, “Hindi nga…”

But Alden continued in a serious tone and said,

Hindi mo alam na hindi lang ako yung natulungan mo. Pati pamilya ko, in so many ways you could imagine. So, thank you


(You don’t know that it’s not only me you helped. You also helped my family, in so many ways you could imagine. So, thank you.)

Alden was in near tears when he thanked Maine.

(Image Credit: 24 Oras, GMA Network)

He lowered his head, choked back his tears and squeezed Maine’s hand, conveying his heartfelt gratitude in that simple gesture.

(Image Credit: 24 Oras, GMA Network)

Maine then held his wrist and also said Thank you.

These are just simple messages, AlDub nation. But yes, it sounded a lot like wedding vows. Can you imagine what they would say to each other if their forever comes true?

Anyway, the camera once again captured the genuine exchange between Alden and Maine. It is this raw, unscripted expression in simple words, gestures, or actions that has become the trademark of AlDub. It is also one of the reasons that has catapulted AlDub to become a cultural phenomenon.

Here’s the link for the exclusive interview by Nelson Canlas:

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