Aly Borromeo proud of KC Concepcion’s impromptu workout

Aly Borromeo proud of KC Concepcion's impromptu workout

by Jessie Mendoza

KC Concepcion’s boyfriend is mighty proud of her. Sports personality that he is, Aly Borromeo appreciated and enjoyed the impromptu workout that KC did.

Aly posted the video clip on Instagram and captioned it with this message:

Impromptu workout by my girl before Sunday church and dinner! Happy Sunday!#QueenWorkout

(Image Credit: @alybor11 IG)

The workout was definitely impromptu, as evidenced by KC’s attire. She was wearing an all black ensemble, with matching silver (or gold) flats, not the usual workout attire that one would expect.

(Image Credit: @alybor11 IG)

KC was doing a burpee dumbbells workout. Aly can be heard in the background encouraging her, while KC was laughing the whole time she was working out.

We had to repeat the video a lot of times to somehow understand what they were saying.

As much as we can decipher, this is what Aly said, “She got plenty to work in. Push, press, dumbbell burpees, come on babe , come on”

KC responded with, “We both, hello…Stop it…Stop”

KC only managed to complete two burpees because she was laughing all along.

Fans of AlyKace are so thrilled that Aly referred to KC as “my girl” and “babe”. A lot of fans couldn’t help but feel the kilig because of the sweetness of the couple, even though it was only Aly’s voice that can be heard in the video.

KC had admitted way back April that she had been dating Aly. Since then, fans have been closely following the social media posts of the couple.

Most KC fans are saying they are very happy that their Queen has finally found her “soulmate”. Fans are saying KC might just have found “the one”.

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