KimXi sizzles on stage at Xian Lim’s first major concert

KimXi sizzles on stage at Xian Lim's Kia Theatre concert

by Jessie Mendoza

The audience was treated to an exceptional overall performance by multi-talented Xian Lim on his first major solo concert titled “A Date With Xian” on July 9 at the Kia Theatre.

Xian showed the concertgoers that he is not just a handsome hunk but a gifted performer as well. With his towering height (he’s 6’2″) and well-built muscular body, the actor wowed the audience with his sexy dance moves and classy renditions of song numbers.

XianLim Trumpets Dance (Image Credit: @teamkimxi IG)

The chinky-eyed actor also showcased his talent in playing instruments like the guitar, drums, and piano. He played a classical piece on the piano, a rare thing for an actor in this day and age.

Xian playing drums(Image Credit: @teamkimxi IG)

Xian plays a classic piece on the piano (Image Credit: @teamkimxi IG)

But Xian’s concert heated up a notch when his love team partner, Kim Chiu, joined him onstage. The crowd felt the “kilig” as they danced sweetly and sang together while playing on the guitar.

KimXi with guitars (Image Credit: @teamkimxi IG)

KimXi’s sizzling dance number (@hotlegsdancecompany IG)

One of KimXi’s many almost kiss moments during their dance number (Image Credit: @kimxi-ruh IG)

The kilig factor jumped up higher still, when the audience asked them to kiss.

Xian said, “Bilangan nyo na lang kami.” (Just give us a countdown).

He asked Kim, “Ok lang?” (Is it ok?)

Kim nodded and said, “Ok”.

The audience counted up to three as Xian stooped a bit to receive Kim’s kiss on his right cheek.

At the count of three, Xian faced Kim, almost kissing her on the lips.

Kim reacted by saying, “Akala ko five…akala ko kasi, very much e.” (I thought it’s up to five…i thought it’s “very much”). She shouted and giggled at her joke.

That KimXi kiss (Image Credit: @bruce.casanova IG)

Again, the audience counted to three. And once again, Xian did the same thing. This time though, his lips touched Kim’s lips briefly.

Kim Chiu hides after that surprise kiss from Xian (Image Credit: @teamkimxi IG)

Kim reacted like she was embarassed, pulled away a bit and then almost hid in Xian’s chest and underarm.

But Kim showed she was such a sport and later hugged Xian and congratulated him on his concert.

It was such a treat for KimXi fans to see that their idols are still as sweet with each other even after 3 years of exclusively dating each other.

Xian Lim’s concert not only showed the many talents of Xian but also reaffirmed for most fans, that KimXi is still one of the most popular and formidable love teams in local showbiz today.

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