Maine Mendoza’s charm works like magic on 3 ailing seniors

Maine Mendoza's charm works like magic on 3 ailing seniors

by Jessie Mendoza

Maine Mendoza, the phenomenal star who shot to fame via her iconic role as “Yaya Dub” in Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye, almost seemed like a magic potion to an elderly segment winner and her two friends.

During the Juan for All, All for Juan Sugod Bahay portion of Eat Bulaga on July 6, the lucky winner was a grandma named Lydia Antonio who happen to have hypertension.

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

Medics surrounded her and her blood pressure reading shot up to 130/90, and she was finding it hard to breathe just before Wally, Jose, and Maine approached her.

Sitting on a chair, she said she wanted to see Maine, whom she heard came to the barangay. She was totally unaware that the Dubsmash Queen was standing beside her, talking to her.

When she looked up and realized it was Maine she was talking to, Lydia suddenly stood up and hugged Maine tightly, jumping up and down as she did so. Gone was the old lady’s earlier weakness. Her hypertension was suddenly forgotten,her difficulty in breathing thrown to the winds. This prompted Allan to comment, “Iba na talaga yung beauty ni Meng ngayon, Bossing, nakakagaling na.” (Maine’s beauty is different now, it can heal already.)

Later on, elderly friends of Lydia also excitedly approached Maine, while the Kalyeserye star jokingly hid inside a house.

When Maine came out of the house, they hugged her tightly. One of the seniors named Melly was even smelling and kissing her arms and shoulder, like she was a baby. The other lola named Openg had a disability, yet she seemed not to mind her impairment at all, as she almost tackled Maine down because of her excitement.

Solid AlDub fans: Nanay Lydia, Openg and Melly with Maine (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

The three senior citizens told everybody that AlDub is what makes all of them happy. Melly said that when she was widowed, she was thankful that AlDub helped her combat her loneliness.

Because the three of them were solid AlDub fans, Jose gave them cash and they were all invited to watch Eat Bulaga live on Saturday. Alden also promised to give the winner a bigger television on her expected visit to Eat Bulaga’s studio at the Broadway Centrum.

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