JaDine now in Greece for Till I Met You taping

JaDine now in Greece for Till I Met You taping

October 6, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Excitement is building up over James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s upcoming series titled “Till I Met You” (TIMY) which is set to air on August 29 on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. The new JaDine series, tagged as an LGBT-themed teleserye, will replace the slot of LizQuen’s Dolce Amore.

Coming on the heels of their very successful On The Wings of Love (OTWOL) series, James and Nadine are now in Greece to tape scenes for Till I Met You.

(Image Credit: @dreamscapeph IG)

It’s unclear if a big part of the series will be taped in Greece, just as OTWOL was mostly done in the USA. But for the moment, enjoy these pictures which the show’s producer, Dreamscape Entertainment Television, had shared on Instagram.

Ali, Iris, and Basti (Image Credit: @dreamscapeph IG)

(Image Credit: @dreamscapeph IG)

Nadine reading while James is being prepped for a scene (Image Credit: @dreamscapeph IG)

Basti and Iris, with Ali at the back. (Image Credit: @dreamscapeph IG)

Directed by Antoinette Jadaone and Andoy Ranay, TIMY gives reel to real couple JaDine, a chance to showcase their acting prowess as the duo deal with more mature roles in the series.

James will play the role of Sebastian or “Basti” for short, while Nadine will play the role of Iris. JC Santos will act as Alejandro or “Ali”, the third wheel in the series and the gay friend of both Basti and Ali.

Unlike OTWOL, where Leah and Clark are thrust into a sham marriage at the start, the TIMY teaser suggests that Basti and Iris will have a marriage based on a solid foundation of friendship.

Despite being friends, expect Basti and Iris to have conflicts like any normal couple. After all, a smooth marriage all throughout the series will be as cloying as an excessively sweet cake.

One of the sources of their marriage problems will probably arise from their common friend Ali, whose love for Basti will be one of the highlights of the show.

Nadine and James said as much on Tonight With Boy Abunda that the teleserye will have an LGBT theme. Nadine described it as super brave, new, and unusual; while James said, “We’re proud to be the ones who get to tackle that issue”.

After 6 months of rest, JaDine’s comeback on ABS-CBN Primetime is like an early Christmas gift for JaDine fans.

But aside from the approaching premiere of TIMY, the show’s producer also had something more in store for the dedicated fans of JaDine.

Dreamscape recently launched a new TIMY teaser via Twitter using the hashtag #UnboxingTIMY which topped the list of trending topics for several hours on August 10 (the date is significant for JaDine fans since it is OTWOL’s anniversary). JaDine fans and new TIMY fans will get to enjoy the new teaser plus other updates about the show on  a website named tillimetyou.com that’s solely dedicated to the show.

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