Maine Mendoza spends quality time with AlDub Nation USA members

Maine Mendoza spends quality time with AlDub Nation USA members

by Jessie Mendoza

AlDub Nation members in the USA are still feeling ecstatic because Maine Mendoza spent part of her vacation with them.

Most fans were overwhelmed by her kindness and generosity in accommodating their wishes and requests.

Meng having a grand day with fans at Universal (Image Credit: @divinaursula)

The moment that Maine saw her fans waiting for her at the Los Angeles International Airport, waving their bouquets and displaying their ADN tarpaulins proudly, she couldn’t help but smile and be in awe of their dedication (some spent the night at the airport).

Super AlDub fans spending the night at LAX (Image Credit: @Leilae01)

The female Breakout Star of the Year took a picture of her fans, before proceeding to sign their tarpaulins, accept their gifts and tokens,  and take groufies and selfies with them.

Maine was taken by surprise with the welcome she got and remarked, “Kaloka kayo!”

One of the many groufies at LAX (Image Credit: @Leilae01)

At the airport alone, Maine already spent more than 10 minutes with her fans, giving in to everyone’s wish for a selfie, video, autograph, kiss, or hug. She did not leave anyone wanting, to the point that you can hear some of the fans themselves saying, “Guys, let her go. Stop na yung picture. Pagod na sya…Guys, tama na yang picture, ha?…Para di na sya ma harass.”

Maine went to California to watch the performance of her favorite band, Coldplay. But while there, she also went to a concert of Adele.

(Image Credit: @mainedcm IG)

Fulfilling her dream of watching Coldplay live in concert made the Dubsmash Queen emotional. A video taken by Celeste Tuviera showed Maine in tears as the song Yellow was being sung by the band. Another video showed that Maine also cried during other parts of Coldplay’s concert.

(Image Credit: @celestetuviera IG)

But her trip to the US did not end there. She also visited  Universal Studios, where she spent the day with members of the AlDub nation.

According to the blog of huggablemewrites, it was Maine herself who reached out to them and said that she wanted to spend the day with them. Maine wanted to repay their efforts at the LAX.

She bonded with her fans by touring Universal Studios where she danced and sang with them (Pak Ganern), experienced rides with them, had wacky poses, and more. After that theme park tour, she even had dinner with her fans.

Putting on some lipstick while on a ride? (Image Credit: huggablemewrites)

(Image Credit: @divinaursula) @lavendersunset312 IG)

She posted a groufie shot on Twitter along with this message:

Today was fun! ..but tiring.. but FUN! Day well spent at Universal Studios! Thank you beri mucho, ADN LA! ?
– @mainedcm   August 24

(Image Credit : @mainedcm)

Maine treated the AlDub nation members like her friends and a lot of them said that they will treasure the time they had with Menggay forever.

While it is not unusual for some celebrities to bond with fans, it is quite rare for them to spend the whole day, just having a good time with them.

But Maine had always been different from other celebrities when it comes to that. She is most often described as “real” and “grounded”, and refuses to change nor pretend, as she posted on her blog. And because of that, her fans love her even more.

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