Must Read: Direk Mike reveals why IYAM hospital scene of AlDub had 5 takes

MUST READ: Direk Mike reveals why IYAM hospital scene of AlDub had 5 takes

by Jessie Mendoza

Remember that sad hospital scene in the AlDub film, Imagine You and Me (IYAM), which shows Alden Richards kissing Maine Mendoza on the lips? That hospital scene took 5 takes to perfect.

And the reason why it took several takes before wrap, is one for the books. Every AlDub nation citizen should know and treasure it.

(Image Credit: maichard_ss IG)

It turns out that Maine’s heart rate spikes whenever Alden comes near. The beeping of the heart rate monitor, which was attached to Maine during the whole scene, would become faster whenever Alden stands up and goes near Maine’s face to kiss her.

Maine’s heart rate only normalizes after Alden had kissed her.

This juicy detail was revealed by IYAM’s director, Michael Tuviera himself, after a member of the AlDub nation asked for a behind-the-scenes story.

In a series of tweets, Direk Mike revealed one of the sweetest trivia about AlDub which we are sure will become an anecdote that will be repeated among AlDub fans over and over again.

Here are the tweets of Direk Mike which will bring double kiligs to AlDub fans:

The reason the hospital scene took 5 takes, even if Alden was absolutely on his acting game that night, is because…

For that scene, we actually connected the electrodes of the heart rate monitor on Maine. The reading you see & the beeps you hear are hers.

I blocked the scene and we rehearsed it a couple of times for camera. No acting yet, no emotions. Just for framing.

But during the take, whenever Alden would stand up & move slowly towards Maine’s face, the heart rate monitor would start beeping faster.

The heart rate display would spike, and the beeping would become faster and faster. It would only slow down after the deed was done.

Of course, kami sa camera and behind the scenes, tumbling kami at gusto sana naming tumawa. Pero behave lang kasi Alden was crying.

After the scene wrapped, everyone ended up laughing. A beautiful end to a very sad scene. #TrueStory #EqualOpportunityLaglagan

Most of the AlDub fans cheered this tidbit from Direk Mike.

Maine was supposed to be in coma during the hospital scene, but the monitor shows her heart rate ranging from 95 to 97 whenever Alden is near. Direk Mike did not give any base for her heart rate before Alden’s approach to her bedside, but a normal heart rate ranges from 60 to 100.

That means, Maine’s heart beat goes to the high end of the range, when Alden moves close to kiss her.

Did Maine’s heart beat spike out of excitement? Was it because of nervousness or tension? Or did her heart beat faster because of love?

It’s up to you to conclude, AlDub fans. But this behind-the-scene story by Direk Mike reminds us of an excerpt from Christina Perri and David Hodges’ “A Thousand Years”:

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

One step closer

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